Identify the date when the oldest eclipse of the world occurred, possibility that the history of ancient Egypt could be modified

byTakeshi Kuboki

Researchers identified the date on which the oldest solar eclipse ever recorded in the world has been recorded, from the Biblical account and the stone statements of ancient Egypt. This may modify the history of ancient Egypt.

Solar eclipse of 1207 BC helps to date pharaohsANCIENT ECLIPSE | Astronomy & amp; Geophysics | Oxford Academic

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The Old Testament "Joshua"States Joshua leading the Israelites to Canaan, in which Joshua prayed," Stay on Gibeon, stay on the sun, stay on the Aron's lowland ", sun There is a statement that the citizen could revenge on the enemy by stopping the month and staying.

"If these words describe what actually happened, it means that an astronomical big event has occurred, it is a problem what this really meant in the text" Professor Colin Humphreys, a physicist at the University of Cambridge, says. Professor Humphreys is studying experimental physics and materials science, but he is a great keen interest in the relation between science and the Bible.

Today's Bible was published in 1611The translation of King JamesIt is based on. Conquest of Canaan has become "translation of the sun and the moon stopped" in King James's translation, but when looking at the Hebrew text the content is "the sun and the moon have ceased normal work", that is, "to shine It shows the meaning of "I quit." In Hebrew the word "stand still"BabyloniaIn the text of the astronomy in the astronomy text that has the same roots as the words indicating the solar eclipse, it is highly likely that the interpretation that the sun stopped is "lighting" rather than "movement" It is.

byKaren McQuilkin

Mr. Graeme Waddington, co-author of Professor Humphreys and thesis, is not the first researcher to show the above contents, but since it is difficult to calculate the age from the description of the Bible so far It was a part that seemed impossible.

Evidence that the Israelites became independent in Canaan between 1500 and 1050 BC is the thirteenth prince of Ramses IIMer OmtavaIt is clear from the stone monument. Professors Humphreys et al developed a new solar eclipse code considering the rotation of the earth and calculated based on the description of the Bible and the monument, it was found that in the period from 1500 to 1050 BC when Canaan's conquest was done, 1207 BC 10 It turns out that there is only ginkgo ring meal on 30th afternoon. So far researchers have eclipse in the biblical accountannular eclipseNottotal eclipseIt was said that he was failing to specify the date and time because he had caught it. In ancient documents the same expression was used for both ginkgo rings and total dishes.

If the paper published by Professor Humphreys is accepted, the time of the oldest solar eclipse which has not been recorded has been identified so far.

Also, the solar eclipse is often used to identify historical events, according to the calculations made by Professor Humphreys et al. Mer Ewepah's reign started in 1210-120 BC and the reign of Ramses II was 1276 BC It can be calculated that it took place in ~ 1210. The pharaoh time of governance is very important for ancient Egyptian researchers, but if the calculation of Professor Humphreys etc is accepted, it is necessary to adjust the current theory.

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