Square Announces 'Square Register' with a Simple POS Checkout System Set

Simple smartphone and tabletPOS registerYou can use as an external terminal known as "Square"Is a set of various hardware as a simple POS register system"Square RegisterWe announced.

Introducing Square Register: An End-to-End Integrated Point of Sale

Square installs an IC card reader to the earphone jack of a smartphone or tablet and installs the Square POS Register Puri so that anyone can settle cards anywhere. Corresponding cards are six major brands of VISA, MasterCard, American Express (AMEX), JCB, Diners Club, Discover. The settlement fee is 3.95% for JCB and 3.25% for 5 others. The price of the entire system is 4980 yen, fixed monthly fixed fee and surrender fee other than the settlement fee are not charged.

In 2015Apple Pay ReaderHas also appeared.

You can grasp what kind of terminal is newly added "Square Register" by seeing the following movie.

How to Use Square Register - YouTube

Speaking of Square's terminal was a small IC card reader, the Square Register has two big tablet-like terminals.

A small square tablet is called "customer display" and it can be attached to the stand on the store clerk side display.

It is also possible to use it by removing it from the stand and connecting it with a cable.

With many POS registers, information on items purchased is displayed only with letters, but if there is "customer side display", product images will be displayed.

Barcode scanners, cash drawers that keep money, receipt printers are also available as peripheral devices. Connect the scanner and printer with a USB cable to supply power.

On the salesclerk side display, selling items are displayed as a list with pictures, and you can do cash registering with just the simple operation of tapping and selecting. Sorting, adding and deleting items is also easy.

"Square Register" is a contract for 24 months for 49 dollars a month (about 5540 yen). It is a total of 1176 dollars (about 133,000 yen), but it is a little cheaper if it is batch 999 dollars (about 113 thousand yen). The fee is 2.5% + 1 cents (about 11 yen) per settlement.

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