Free software "PhotoWipe" that can easily erase obstructions that are reflected in the picture

When taking a picture, the subject can only shoot through a wire gauze, when looking back later, extra objects are reflected in front of the subject, the background is dirty and the beauty of the subject is impaired ... There should be many people with experience such as .... Free software that was made to solve such troubles, it can easily eliminate disturbing obstacles that are reflected in the photo "PhotoWipeI tried using it.

◆ Installation
How to install "PhotoWipe"Distribution pageClick "Download Now" from.

Click "Save file".

Run the downloaded "PhotoWipeInstall.exe".

Click "Execute".

Click "Next".

Click "Next".

Click "Next".

Click "Install".

Click "Finish" to complete the installation.

◆ How to use
When "PhotoWipe" is started, such a home screen will be displayed. Looking at the image in the center, you can see that the cage disappeared only in the part of the parake with the photo taken of the parakeet in the cage. By using "PhotoWipe", you can erase obstructive obstacles like this.

When you click "Open" on the left side of the home screen ... ...

It is possible to select saved photos. Select the photo you want to process and click "Open" ... ....

The picture will be displayed on the "PhotoWipe" working screen.

There are several tools for selecting the part you want to delete with "PhotoWipe". If you select the leftmost icon, the part you drag with the mouse will be darkened black. The part painted black is the place to be modified by "PhotoWipe".

Other tools that can be filled with straight lines ......

There was also a tool that could select the range by clicking and dragging. However, this tool is extremely difficult to operate, and it is easier to select a range by using a drag fill tool or straight line fill tool if you do not have much.

Likewise, the tool to select a rectangle was also subtle in terms of usability.

It is possible to change the thickness of the drawing line with the black circle next to it.

The icon on the far right was an eraser tool.

◆ Image processing
Then we will process the image immediately with "PhotoWipe". Fill the part you want to erase with the black frame in the wire mesh part of the image. When filling is completed, click "Preview" on the left side of the screen.

Then you can select "Quick Preview" or "Full quality". If you select "Quick Preview ..."

Although processing of "PhotoWipe" finished in about 10 seconds, although some deviation was conspicuous, an image in which the planting trees behind the wire mesh looked firmly was displayed.

After checking rough results, if you decide that you want to save as it is, click "Save" ... ...

You can enter a name and save it.

You can also copy it to the clipboard by clicking "Copy to Clipboard".

If you want to complement carefully rather than the image displayed in "Quick Preview", click "Back" ... ....

Select "Full quality".

"Full quality" processing requires much time compared with "Quick Preview", it took about 8 minutes to process the image selected this time.

As a piece of processing, you can somewhat protrude black spots, so fill obstacles completely black. If the ends of the wire mesh remain delicately ...

It will be processed in the state that wire mesh remains in some places. This is because "PhotoWipe" performs processing to estimate and complement the color and shape of the part painted from the background of the black painted part. Because "PhotoWipe" supplements the wire mesh part that failed to fill, it will be such a result.

Try deleting the cushion on the chair ......

It disappeared to the part which supports the armrest.

When we put out the hands of people who combined in front of the body ......

It is also possible to make only clothes in the background. However, quite unnatural marks remain.

If you choose a person with a wall behind ... ....

It is impossible to get rid of people ...... However, it seems that the ninja is hiding behind the cloth.

Even with illustrations with a lot of fine drafting ......

Somehow it was complemented by such feeling.

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