Synchronization rate of Line Rider works made in accordance with Grieg's composer "at the mountain's Majesty's Palace" is unusual and brilliant

A new work using "Line Rider" which gained popularity on the net around 2006 appeared in 2017. The work that YouTuber's DoodleChaos completed over a month is that the sled slips according to the melody of the classic "Mountain Devil's Palace" composed by Grieg, but the song and slippage sync rate It is abnormally too high and it finishes unexpectedly.

Watch: Little sled person treks Line Rider track synchronized to "In the Hall of the Mountain King" / Boing Boing

Line Rider is a thing that can be played on the browser, one of the author "Toy" (toy). It is now a nostalgic tool using Flash, a sled on which people ride on a line drawn with a pen on the screen slides, but many people have difficulty with realism based on the physical law and quite difficulty I am addicted to a toy.

"Line Rider" that the drawn line will become a sliding course as it is - GIGAZINE

Line Rider is still able to make courses by themselves and still play on the following sites. Unlike early versions, lines that do not have a "hit judgment" or lines that can be accelerated can be drawn, enabling a variety of ways to play.

Line Rider

The work using such Line Rider is kore. To that level it is about to hit "knock!" And knees.

Line Rider - Mountain King - YouTube

It is the start position where the note sound and bass note are written. The sled will slowly slide up to quiet music.

Steps and jumps matching the melody are brilliant. It was one of the real thrills of Line Rider, how to make it landed from somersault well.

It is quite high difficulty to slide while keeping it willy. Droid Chaos is a pretty handsome Line Rider technician, such as having a skill to slide at high speed with somersault back.

The number written on the course is the bar number of the score. Enter the climax from the 70th bar, heat up the music, speed up the slide.

It reached the climax, the wreck of sleds rushed up the slope ... ....

Sori and people separated at the 74th measure. Basically it's game over here ... ...

Good rejoining at the 78th measure

Timpani roll is the fine line of the 86th measure. What is the last ending that has been excited a lot ...... Please definitely play the movie and check with your own eyes.

DoodleChaos's channelSo, a number of such "Pitagora Switch" -like works have been released, and the following movies are also impressive and magnificent.

Alan Walker - Force (Synchronized to 2D Physics) - YouTube

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