Action game for Windows for the Megamitense Transfer Series is released free, Review actually played

The game maker'sAtlasIs a popular RPG series "MegamitenseiIn commemoration of the 25th anniversary of "Electric Family Nico Gamer"Collaboration, the latest game titled" Shin · Megamitensei DEEP STRANGE JOURNEY "scheduled to be released on October 26" Action Game "True · Megami Reincarnation SYNCHRONICITY PROLOGUESince I was doing free delivery of "I tried playing actually what kind of game it was.

[October 18 ver1.02 distribution start] Electric Family × megatten collaboration plan! Megaten Action Game "Shin Megami Reincarnation SYNCHRONICITY PROLOGUE" | Atlas Official Site

"True · Megamitensei SYNCHRONICITY PROLOGUE" was introduced in the official short PV of "true · goddess reincarnation DEEP STRANGE JOURNEY" former neta.

"Shin Megami Tensei DEEP STRANGE JOURNEY" Short PV - YouTube

Although it was denied the release as "In the PV!", Although the fans had secret expectations that they were doing well by lying, they were released really as if they were to meet their expectations It was decided.

◆ Installation
First click the "Download" button at the bottom of the official website. The file size is 71.4 MB.

Download "" as Windows standard deployment functionExplzhUnzip using software such as.

Open the folder called "True / Megamitensei Synchronicity" in the unzipped folder and run "synchronicity.exe", the launcher will start up first.

In the launcher you can set volume and key etc. Select "Windows mode" from the pull-down menu in the upper right, and click "RUN" under it to start the game. If you want to play on the full screen please select "Full Screen mode".

If you choose "Key Config" with the launcher, it was possible to set up the game pad as well as the keyboard, so people who "try not to work due to keyboard" have the challenge of trying on the game pad.

◆ Gameplay
Although it should have started the game, the screen like the desktop of the PC is displayed first. "Shin Megami Tensei DEEP STRANGE JOURNEY" is a subspace "Schwarzbaath" suddenly appeared in the Antarctica, so the stage is "New Generation of Ferromagnetic Large Blizzard near the South Pole" I am concerned .

After a while, the message "Human Yo Father Toshito Toshite Friend Toshiti Raka Rika Kikara Senta Kimi Ha Attachment Program B Startup Future Early Detection Kunoda Fortune Wo Pray" arrives. Activating the attached dubious file ......

If you think that some program started to move, the screen is disturbing and distorted. "ImmediatelyThe red letters'From SFC version "Shin Megami Tensei" ___ ___ 0So, if it is a fan it is unbelievable point.

I think that the screen has run out and the stage is to the South Pole. The word "SYNCHRONIZED" is displayed, and the player has become the familiar devil "Jack Frost" of the Megami Tensei Series. It was a message that I was reaching the "demonic synchronization program" instead of the familiar "devil summoning program" of the series.

Then start the game. The operation is easy, and pressing the attack button hits ice magic.

Also long press to charge. Although ordinary ice arrows reach only a certain distance, the charged ice arrows will fly to the edge of the screen. It is also possible to temporarily freeze enemies.

In the Megami Tensei Series, the weak point attribute and the resistance attribute are decided by the devil, and of course this system is also reflected in this "true · goddess incarnation SYNCHRONICITY PROLOGUE". Jackfrost, for example, has invalid freeze attribute, so it will not be damaged if the enemy's attack is a freeze attribute.

Also weak point attribute, tolerance, invalid attribute are set firmly to the enemies on the stage. For example, if it is a slime all attributes are weak points. The enemy devil's name, weakness and tolerance are properly displayed on the lower right of the screen, so you can play without having to know the Megamitensei Tensei series.

For the time being, going forward rapidly, I discovered "Jack Lantern" which is ice pickled.

When he rescued and listened to the story, he said that he was frozen in "Juzaku Frost". Jack Lantern is reluctant to try to defeat the frost, but ...

Suddenly the "demonic synchronization program" works, it will come and accompany you.

After that, players will continue to switch between Jack Frost and Jack Lantern. Since Jack Lantern is always floating, it is possible to go to a high place not reachable by Jack Frost. Jack Frost clinging to Jack Lantern 's back is cute.

Unlike jackfrost with freeze attribute, Jack Lantern emits flame attribute magic in three directions.

It can fire a fireball penetrating with a charge shot.

Also, since Jack Lantern has invalid flame attributes, it will invalidate all flame attribute attacks.

In other words, by switching between two attributes of freezing and flame, you can also proceed while disabling enemy attacks. It is not just an action, but elements close to a puzzle are also incorporated into the system. For example, like the following movie, you can switch between two characters to break through barrage of two attributes.

"Shin · Megamitensei SYNCHRONICITY PROLOGUE" review, go through barrage with character switching - YouTube

When you defeat the enemy devil, experience level comes in and the level rises. When you level up, attack power gradually increases.

If you defeat the enemy again, you get Makka (money). Items such as "Muscle Drink", "Soma", "Tamagoe no Tama" etc, familiar to the Megami Tensei Series can be obtained by consuming Makka. Because it is pretty handy in the boss game, it is ant to purchase if you find a dwarf shop or vending machine.

The game is not an action of a single road, but a search type 2D action called "Metroid Vania". There is also a concealment factor to explore the map to fill the stage and to capture the stage and find rooms and items hidden in places you do not know at first glance.

Especially skills are available by getting items somewhere in the stage. You can use powerful magic such as "Mahabov", "Maharagi", "Mahazio", etc. by consuming SP, and you can use it while switching at the required place.

Also, as you advance the stage, "Demonika Suit" that appears in "True Megamu Tensei DEEP STRANGE JOURNEY" is also available. Jack Frost wears Demonikasutsu and rampages with a gun with one hand.

Save is done at the save point in the middle. You can restore your physical strength at the save point, so if you think it is dangerous you also need to take a break at the save point.

The fact that savepoints are installed is of course not autosaving, so be careful when forgetting to save. For example, after the 4th boss battle has ended, I advanced without saving, I got over the game as it is, but when remarching to the boss' s "Gimmechara", it is soft and weak like the auto save! I was scolded ... ...

I got a wonderful advice that save is to be done properly.

To play in the editorial staff is normal mode accustomed to decent action game, it took about approximately three to four hours until the whole stage to clear one way. In addition to being distributed for free, in the series it is a pretty rare 2D action game, but still quite complete and volume. In the workmanship, I was more than I wanted to pay money rather than playing. Especially I was impressed that the Magical Attribution System of the Megami Tensei Series was successfully put in the action game.

"True · Megamitensei SYNCHRONICITY PROLOGUE" which strongly feels love for the Megami Tensei series from enemy devil design and game director to fine story is available for free, but limited delivery until December 24, 2017 and It is necessary to be careful.

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