Men are more satisfied with the close relationships between men than "love" "Blomance"

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The intimate relationship that two or more men have without sexual intercourse is called "BlomanceI call it. In a study conducted in the United Kingdom with 30 heterosexual men as subjects, it was shown that the relationship of blomance with male friends is more intimate and satisfying than the romance relationship with women It was.

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In the twentieth century, there was also a time when it was regarded as having a close relationship between homosexuals,Abraham LincolnHe is said to have been sleeping on the same bed for several years with his friends who lived together, and Blomance itself is not a new concept. However, in recent years, the relationship of homosexual men who have intimate relationships with each other is more likely to be accepted. In the era when homosexuality was considered a contraindication, men acted "overly masculine" so that they are not considered to be homosexuals, but they do not need it in the era when homosexuality is becoming accepted , And that men live together and have intimate relationships so that they can "experience all the benefits of traditional heterosexual relationship".

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A study by Adam White and colleagues at Bedfordshire University was conducted in a way that interviewed 30 men of a sophomore university graduate who has a friend relationship with men while admitting heterosexuality. In the survey, 28 of the men who interviewed said that "Personal matters talk to close friends, not partners in a relationship." Among the men who responded to the interview, "Tim is meBeyonceYaTaylor SwiftI know what I like, but to tell her I feel judged and kept it secret. There seems to have been some people who said they have to behave more like a manly man in front of her. Moreover, it is easy to get over even if a close friend of male collides, it is easy to share emotions such as health problems and grandfather's death.

From the above interview results, the researchers noted that they insisted that the relationship of Blomance is more satisfying than heterosexual romance in emotional intimacy. All the students who were subjects were Caucasian, majoring in academics related to sports.

"There is a judge and boundary in the conversation if there is a big difference between romance and blomance." "It is because they can tell their deepest, darker and delicate secrets to those in the relationship of blomance, It is because I feel that I will not be judged or stupid by speaking. "

"We think that they do not reveal their own emotions because physical and mental conditions in young men are exaggerated in the world," White says, and this survey result Says that it contains important suggestions in the health of young men. Speaking of health concerns with nearby men is also helpful in solving problems.

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On the other hand, researchers also note the possibility that advances in relationships between men will have a negative impact on heterosexual relationships. It is because there is a possibility that it becomes a challenge to a traditional family view that "men and women have a romantic relationship" to make choices to live among men with emphasis on relationship of blomance. In addition, some of the men who interviewed used disdainful words against girlfriends, or pledged loyalty to male friends, while also recognizing women as being different from themselves It was said that there was.

Of course, this research was conducted for some specific people, and further research is necessary to know what kind of form of blomance exists in general men.

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