Takuma Sato of Indy 500 winning electric shock visit Yoshihide Muroya targeting air race title

Local time From October 14, 2017 (Saturday) at 4 pm in Indianapolis, USA "Red Bull Air Race(Red Bull Air Race) 2017The final qualifying will start. To the hanger before qualifying,Takuma Sato who controlled the Indy 500It takes title acquisitionYoshihide MuroyaWe paid courtesy visits to the athletes.

Red Bull Air Race

The sky above the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on the qualifying day was blessed with clear weather without clouds.

Mr. Muroya's booth.

Takuma Sato, who controlled the Indy 500, is there.

Those who aim for the top of motor sports, they immediately broke down.

Takuma who controlled the Indy 500 which is one of the three biggest races in the world, Yale was sent for Muroya player to take off the air race world title.

Two samurai who accepts interviews peacefully from beginning to end.

Handsome shaking hands ......

Makuya player who turns the back of the hand of Takumi player.

There was an Indy 500 champion ring shining there.

The qualification race will start soon. The appearance of the hanger, such as other player's aircraft including Muroya player, is scheduled to be added from time to time.

Japanese pilotYoshihide MuroyaGIGAZINE is coverage of the situation of the final race where expectation is expected for the player's first annual general champion acquisition. As the state of the race is planned to be posted from time to time, GIGAZINE formulaTwitter·Facebook·Google+Following it, it is useful to get the latest information.

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Red Bull Air Race 2017 Haste Reports of Qualifying in Indianapolis at the Final Round - GIGAZINE

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