I tried eating "Baby Star Ramen ON Ice" that baby star ramen has gone on in a crane game

Expand the game center nationwide with a snack company's snack companyNamcoAs a prize prize collaborated with "Baby Star Ramen ON Ice"Appeared on Saturday, October 7, 2017. Baby star ramen was served in the custard vanilla flavored ice cream, and the ice cream also admixed baby star ramen (chicken flavor), and stuck to the blending ratio of ice cream and baby star ramen It is an excellent article. That's why I actually went to Namco and challenged the crane game and I got it.

NAMCO Limited "Baby Star Ramen ON Ice" appears! | Event · Campaign | Namco "Dreams, Fun and Inspiration".

Arrived at Namco. Store information that has arrived "Baby Star Ramen ON Ice"Check hereI can do it.

In the vicinity of the entrance there was a poster telling us that "Baby Star Ramen ON Ice" arrived.

A poster of "Baby Star Ramen ON Ice" is also stuck in the store, and it stands out considerably.

Around the store, we found a crane game enclosure where the target 'Baby Star Ramen ON Ice' is a prize prize.

There was also a signboard of "Baby Star Ramen ON Ice" on the cabinet.

The cabinet where "Baby Star Ramen ON Ice" is installed is a crane game machine "Gemini Ice". There are four control panels that operate cranes, but this time I played with 61 control panels that are getting the most. Play 100 yen per game, if you put money, you can move the lever any number of times within the time limit, when you think "I want to grab here!" Press the "grab" button on the right. Also, even if you do not press the "grab" button, the crane automatically falls when the time limit expires and goes to grab. It is also possible to stop the crane at the desired height by pushing the button while descending.

For each control panel, three to four "Baby Star Ramen ON Ice" were installed.

Inside "Gemini Ice" is cold like a freezer, and "Baby Star Ramen ON Ice" inside is not melting. Inside temperature is minus 24 degrees Celsius.

A plastic spoon is installed beside the control panel so that you can take an ice cream and eat it right away.

So, I actually tried playing. The first try. Adjust the position so that the crane is right above the cup and drop the crane. Then, the arm is caught on the lid of the cup of "Baby Star Ramen ON Ice" and it can easily grab ... ...

Of course I can not take it easily.

I will continue trying afterwards, but fine adjustment of crane position did not work, grabbing failed ... ....

Even if you grasp it ......

Continued to be knocked off like the first time ......

Even if the crane came up, I did not weaken the power of the arm, finally I was able to get on safely, at last my trip at the tenth trial.

The sense of accomplishment and pleasure at the moment when it was taken are considerable.

At the moment of getting "Baby Star Ramen ON Ice" and a lot of hardships to get, you can understand with the following movie in one shot.

Tried the crane game 10 times and tried "Baby Star Ramen ON Ice" - YouTube

I finally got one "Baby Star Ramen ON Ice" by playing 10 times, that is, 1000 yen in total.

In the lid "Baby Star Ramen" character "Hoshio-kunIn addition to being drawn, the letters of "Mix fun".

In the cup part, "Hoshio-kun" of the expression that looks more enjoyable than the lid is commented as "Mix and fun!"

The cup is small enough to hold with one hand. A package based on red and white is reminiscent of a bag of baby star ramen. It is impressive that the baby star ramen that is in the cup makes a noise when it is held in the hand.

Compared to the iPhone 6 with a height of 138.1 mm it looks like this.

By type, "ice cream" which contains a lot of milk fat, the soybean, chicken meat, pork and the like which are not seen with orthodox ice cream are stated for raw materials, and I feel the presence of baby star ramen.

On the right side of the lower part of the raw material notation, it is written that "Baby star ramen (chicken flavored) is mixed in" custard vanilla flavored ice cream, topping with baby star ramen on top! ".

When I opened the lid, the inner lid of the aluminum appeared.

Baby star ramen spreads a lot as you peel off the inner pig, and the appearance of ice cream can not be seen anywhere.

Scooping with a spoon, I finally saw the appearance of ice cream. Custard vanilla flavored ice cream which becomes the base of "Baby Star Ramen ON Ice" pursues the goodness of compatibility with Baby Star Ramen, manufactures and sells major "white rose milk" in the Kinki regionOyama Dairy Cooperative AssociationWe are using custard vanilla flavor. When eating it actually, I feel the texture and saltiness of crispy baby star ramen, and Ice cream of thick custard vanilla taste that spreads to the full mouth spreads to the saltiness though it is not defeated. When eating, I feel a bit of the texture of the baby star ramen mixed in ice.

When I ate about half, I thought that the lid also claimed "Mix and fun!", So I tried mixing it and tried it. Then, the sweetness of ice cream matches the salty taste of baby star ramen than when you eat without mixing, and there is a texture made with polypoly of baby star ramen among them, it has become a good feeling accent .

Since "Baby star ramen ON ice" is limited in quantity, people who care are taken earlyNamco series game centerIt seems better to go to and challenge.

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