The mystery titled "Blade Runner", what does it mean?

A movie released in 1982Blade runner"Rick Deckard, the hero, is an investigator called" Blade Runner ", but there is no explanation that" What is it with Blade Runner? " This coined word "Blade Runner" is actually the original "Does android dream of electric sheep?"What was really used in the work by two other novelists, why the blade runner was named Blade Runner, and so on,VultureIt is revealed in.

Why Is 'Blade Runner' the Title of 'Blade Runner'?

The original of Blade Runner is Phillip · K · Dick's "Does android dream of electric sheep?In the work, Rick Deckard of the protagonist is under the work, it is a staff of the police station and it is never called "Blade Runner". So, where did the word Blade Runner come from? This is because Director Ridley Scott encountered another novelist 's work while looking for a professional name suitable for Deckard.

It was the doctor and the science fiction writer who first made the word "blade runner"Alan · E · NurseIt was a person called. Nurse was born in 1928, had a father from an engineer, went to Rutgers University and served as a sanitary soldier for a couple of years before graduating from the Department of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania in 1955. After that, I moved to Washington and underwent doctor training.

Nurse who walked the way as a doctor, on the other hand, had a great passion to write sentences about the future world and medical care. I wrote a science fiction novel from the medical school daysAstoundingIn 1957 after graduating from medical school, "Rocket to Limbo (Jail"In 1959 he published" Scavengers in Space ". In 1963 I am leaving the doctor's way to concentrate on writer work. However, in 1965 it was named "Intern"Healing artBecause it is producing nonfiction works on, it seems to be correct to say that the way of expression was changed rather than being interested in medicine. It is the science fiction writer's great placeRobert SilverbergAccording to Nurse, although writing a very good novel, these works never got attention.

The turning point came in 1974. Nurse did when he published the "medical", "near future" that two of the novel element was the integration "The Bladerunner (The Blade Runner)" that specializes. This "The Blade Runner" is a stage in the near future America where eugenics is believed. In the work worldNational public insuranceHowever, in order for "inferior" human beings to receive medical care, it was necessary to undergo severed surgery beforehand in order not to increase descendants. As a result, medical-related black market has expanded, traders selling medical equipment in the dark, doctors treating people who do not want breaking using illegal medical tools, and deliver illegal medical tools to doctors "carrying You are born. As this medical tool included surgical scalpels and so on, the carrying shop was called "blade runner" in the sense of "Runner" with "Blade".

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The hero's policeman Billy · Gimp is also one of the blade runners and delivers medical equipment to the doctor. And, as infectious diseases are occurring, the story is that everyone's insurance will change based on eugenics with the billy and buddies saving people while fighting the law.

"The Blade Runner" was only written by a former doctor and there was a fine description about medical treatment and it was excellent as a novel but it was not accepted in general because the description was descriptive and it was not forgotten It was a work like a matter of time ". But, fortunately, the authorWilliam S. BurroughsI was caught in the eye. Burroughs,WikipediaAccording to the person saying "There was nothing to do with episodes somewhat, such as shooting a William Tell and erroneously shooting a wife, being shaken by a homosexual male and packing a little finger," but at that time it was a European Returning to New York from New York, I was at the turning point of my life as a writer who is reappearing as I just broke off my relationship with heroin. Burroughs got "The Blade Runner" 2nd edition at the end of 1976. Assistant James Grauer holds the agent for December 5, and Burroughs said "I like this book very much and I want to work on movies It is said that "It is". For Burroughs, the work of rewriting existing novels for movies was a new attempt, but in March 1977 after about four months, I wrote the "The Blade Runner" with a space between the original "The BladeRunner" word I will.

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Burroughs was "talking about movies", but what was done is not like a screenplay of a movie but a style like a middle story, as well as other works by Burroughs, it is spelled out in highly mysterious sentences It was. Mildness and roughness were added to the original, and the alteration ranged to "the barely visible relationship with the original" and an explanation of how the world devastated was made in the first half of the work It is focused on, and the plot is visible after I came in the middle. Also, the main character Billy is different from the original "passionateQueer"In the first appearance scene, the place where sexual intercourse with partner 's man was drawn.

This work I was unsuitable to the movies in a number of respects, among other things, ending became the two there was a point is a large wall. Burroughs seemed to intend to flow ending alternately or to flow two endings at the same time.

The assistant Grauhor also wrote in July 1977 that no work was showing interest from anyone in view of the above, and eventually the nurse puts his hands in again, finally called a novel rather than a movie It will be published in shape. At that time, despite having no plans to make it into a movie, in order to distinguish it from "The Blade Runner", "Blade Runner: A Movie (Movie: Blade Runner) "Was named. .

Then "movie: Blade Runner" is an actor and a screenwriterHampton FuncherIt is stored in the bookcase of. And in the early 1980's, director Ridley Scott, screenwriter Michael Diery and three fanciers were talking about a screenplay of "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?", "Think months ago I do not get an answer, but what kind of professional do you think Deckard is eventually professional? "" What kind of criminal is the detective even if the criminal is a criminal, what kind of criminal can we call him? " , The occupation name was to be taken from "Fan: Blade Runner" which was on FanChar's bookshelf.

Burroughs accepts the offer from Director Scott asking to "borrow the title of the novel". As a result, both the nurse's "The Blade Runner" and the movie unrelated to Burroughs's "Movie: Blade Runner" are named "Blade Runner" and will be released on June 25, 1982 It was.

There is no explanation as to what the blade runner is in the movie, and in this regard, Fancher said "Although" explanation "is a kind of trouble in the screenplay of the movie, I do not want to" explain "in the process I am doing it. " Nurse passed away in 1992 and Burroughs died in 1997 and the two bladers' Blade Runner 'never caught up in the eyes of many people, but without the work of the two, the masterpiece' Blade Runner "was released as a separate title, there is a possibility that it did not hit like now.

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