A technology that allows you to "see" the movement of a person who is hidden behind a wall or corner using a smartphone and should not be seen

byDaniil Kuželev

A technology that can detect the movement and speed of people who are hidden behind walls and corners using commercially available cameras and smartphones was developed by the MIT CSAIL Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Artificial intelligence for your blind spot | MIT News

Turning Corners into Cameras: Principles and Methods
(PDF file)http://people.csail.mit.edu/klbouman/pw/papers_and_presentations/cornercam_iccv2017.pdf

You can check the development technology of MIT from the following movie.

Using Cameras to See Around Corners - YouTube

Two people walking around the room.

The camera is installed in the shadow of the corner of the room where the two people should not be seen. However, this camera can "see" the movements of the two people walking around the corner.

The camera uses light reflected off the ground.

Normally, when a person sees a room, even if nothing seems to have happened ......

When you analyze the color contained in the light using the camera, the change of the shadow becomes visible.

In this system, we connect pieces of photographs taken from the same direction continuously, and artificial intelligence analyzes the change of shadow, thereby detecting the movement of the object that is invisible.

In the image, two people wearing red and blue clothes are walking in the room, but the camera can capture the relationship between the walking speed of two people and the position. When two people leave, the distance between the two graphs indicated by the curve at the bottom of the screen is far away ...

When approaching, the graphs intersect.

By installing the camera at multiple corners, it is possible to create a two-dimensional map.

Since this system operates in real time, you will be able to see live things that are taking place beyond the corner.

The wall material used for the corner is not questioned, and thick asphalt-like walls in the park ... ....

Room partition

Bricks and so on OK.

Also, the system will function outdoors or even in a rainy environment with less light.

Noteworthy thing about this technology is that you can use commercially available cameras or smartphones such as iPhone. Accidents are likely to occur in places with many obstacles and poor visibility while driving a car, but it is possible to detect the danger of invisible places by applying the above technique.

However, at the time of writing the article can detect the speed and movement of the object, but can not detect the shape and texture of the object. Also, you can not see the movement in places without light such as nighttime, you are required that the ground is in a stable state.

Meanwhile, Katie Bouman of the MIT CSAIL team who conducted the research said, "From a considerable low angle, even if we photograph distant corners, we were able to receive a clear signal," he said in a future It seems that we are also considering how to improve safety by attaching to an automatic driving car.

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