Why imitating Bill · Gates to become a millionaire's success is not too meaningful

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There are many people who have the ambition of "I am going to succeed like that" with reference to the success story of Kokuto-ei-west, a successful person, but there are many approaches even if saying "success" to one person In fact, there may not be a golden rule that "you can succeed if you do it". Although there are few people who disagree with mentioning Microsoft founder Bill Gates as representative of modern successful people, Chengwei Liu (Warwick Business School) of Strategy and Behavior Sciences Professor , As long as there is a factor of "luck" in success, it says that it does not make much sense even if imitating only the actions of the person himself.

Copying Bill Gates is a bad idea if you want to get rich

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"Mr. Bill Gates is luckier than you think", Mr. Liu left business after leaving the university and made a modern computer society, leaving behind a record of experience Regarding Mr. Gates, he tells that he is respectful of the ability of "being a talent" and his ability, but also that the environment surrounding Gates's success is not indispensable for his success.

Mr. Liu said, "People who leave outstanding performance tend to fall into the idea that they are owners of outstanding skills and talents, but this is incompatible." Based on this, Mr. Liu said most of the outstanding accomplishments have an extraordinary preliminary environment, and those who succeeded are said to be "the right place, the right place, the person who did the right thing" at the right time It is important that understanding is important.

The same can be said to Mr. Gates. Although it may be said that Gates' eyes on the future of computers is a result of outstanding knowledge or talent, in reality it was also the fact that there was an environment that cultivated that talent. The fact that Gates' s family was richer than ordinary households, that it was a preparatory school that entered at the age of 13, that he was touched the computer that only 0.01% of the generation of the generation of the generation was able to have contact points, And Mr. Liu cites Gates as "luck" that Gates' s mother and acquaintance relationship with IBM executives, for example, became the cornerstone for Gates to build up the Microsoft Empire.

Mr. Liu points out that having Microsoft's software (MS-DOS) on IBM's computer also resulted in success. Since the entrance of the computer was a Microsoft product, many of the users were planted without knowing Microsoft's preference, and there was the effect that it kept using Microsoft products after that. Of course there is nothing we can not overlook that Microsoft has taken consistent things into software as a single product and we have devoted efforts to that, but as it were, so many people begin to learn computers At the timing of the stage, there are things that Microsoft products were loaded on more computers, there was "timing" in addition to effort and talent.

Especially in the world of sports, especially if you train for 10 or 10,000 hours you can become a top athleteLaw of 10,000 hoursIt is said that there is. The practice time of ten or ten thousand hours is an extraordinary amount of training that can not be accomplished by a very ordinary person, and only those that accomplish this are the top performers, but this is also the case Mr. Liu says "timing" exists.

The example cited is the origin of three players who retained outstanding results in the UK table tennis world. Each of these three players is a player who came out from the same district of a city, but in the background it is said that there is a former table tennis player who moved to this town. Peter Charters, who retired with excellent results, moved to a city in England, but many of the children who lived there have learned to play table tennis with Charters. Among them, in particular, three players who trained like "10,000 hour rule" have excellent results, eventually they have dominated the top in the UK within the UK. If Charters was not moving to that city, if the children did not show interest, if there was no coaching by Mr. Charters, if the players did not properly practice, there are many points to be cleared However, only by satisfying these conditions, it will be the result of a performer who has excellent results.

Although it can be said that the idea that "efforts result in results" will bear fruit in the stage until a certain degree of "success", but from there to the stage of "great success" Mr. Liu who searched for a number of successful people seems to be one answer that not only efforts but "luck" and "environment" are indispensable. There are a lot of successful people who look back on the way they arrived that "I was lucky." In those words of those people that the importance of "luck" and the ability to do the right "effort" by noticing that there is "luck" can be left as a true successor Maybe it is.

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