"Project Loon" to deliver mobile communication with balloon decides to enter real war in Puerto Rico suffered from hurricane damage

A project that delivers Internet communications from a balloon that has been developed by Google's X teamLoon"Was decided to be used for recovery support in Puerto Rico suffering from hurricane damage.

OET Special Temporary Authority Report

Google to use balloons to provide Puerto Rico cell service

FCC will allow Alphabet's Project Loon to deliver air balloon LTE to Puerto Rico - The Verge

You can find out what kind of project Loon is, by looking at the following article.

Releasing the receiving antenna of "Loon", which enables Google to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi anywhere using a balloon, revealing part of the grand plan - GIGAZINE

In the US domestic Puerto Rico hurried by the hurricane "Maria", most of the areas where telephone lines can not be used occupy the area, Aguas Buenas is not functioning at all 20 base stations, and it is in a situation where it can not communicate at all.

Team at X, an independent organization under Alphabet, suggests the possibility of using Loon to support Puerto Rico, in order to improve Puerto Rico's communication environment, which is hard to recover after two weeks from the hit of the hurricane It was.

And on October 6, 2017, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decided to issue temporary communication supply license to Loon. Finally, Loon will be put into actual battle.

Loon gave 30 balloons to Puerto Rico and the authority to fly off the Virgin Islands and the deadline is until April 4, 2018. We are planning to recover the communication line in cooperation with Puerto Rico's mobile phone service.

Loon has a track record of providing emergency mobile communications at the afflicted areas in Peru suffered flood damage in May 2017. Originally there is no communication environment or it costs a great deal to maintain and maintain the communication environment Loon who can keep mobile communication in the remote area has been seen as being able to support the recovery of disaster areas, but the technology which has polished up It seems time has come to utilize.

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