"Apple pie's cream puff" taste shovel fabric crunchy and caring apple and cinnamon together

Beer papa of puff cream specialty store packed apple cream in the shoe which caramelized the surface crisply from October 1, 2017 (Sunday) "Apple pies cream puffWe are now offering. From the same day Halloween limited "Caramel pumpkin shoeSince it also appeared, I tried eating two cream puffs together.

Seasonal event shoe: Apple pie's cream puff | Shoulder specialty shop Beard papa

Seasonal Event Shoe: Caramel Pumpkin Shoe | Specialty shuffle shop Beard Papa

So I bought a cream puff with Beard papa. Because it is Halloween's time, the takeaway box is also Halloween specification.

Firstly from apple pies cream puff. The size is about to ride a little in the palm of a woman.

The caramelized shoe fabric is as lustrous as the surface of the brulee.

I will try eating Apple Pie's cream puff.

At the moment I put it in my mouth the cinnamon smells sweetly, the flesh of the apple is also included, and the fabric is a crispy texture similar to pie, and apple pie is reproduced at a considerable level. The cream is not custard, it is sour like yoghurt, but it was very matched as a whole. As sweetness and sourness are chasing alternately, there were editorial staff who said that they could continue eating indefinitely.

Because the fabric that is baked twice is crispy and has a crisp texture and additionally the part being caramelized is crispy, people who want to ask the commitment to the texture of tarts and cream puffs are likely to be satisfied as well It is a finish. I brought it to the mouth one after another to the good texture of the texture, and I finished eating it in no time.

Then taste caramel pumpkin shoes.

This is the same fabric as regular pie shuu.

When eating it, the first bite feels the scent of gentle pumpkin, but the flavor of caramel will follow you afterwards. Inside cream is custard's smooth texture on the base, but there is also a pumpkin paste. It has a smaller impact than apple pie's cream puff, but it is getting tired of finishing.

In addition, apple pie of cream puffs, at 230 yen including tax in both caramel pumpkin shoe, is provided up to October 31 (Tuesday).

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