New type animation award 2016-2017 Results announcement, the work prize is "Theater version sword art online - Ordinal scale -" and "Fate / Apocrypha"

From October 2016 to September 2017 Awards outstanding works in various departments from among the animated films screened on television and theaters The 7th "The Moving Pictures Festival (New Type Anime Awards 2016 - 2017)Result announcement,Machi ★ Asobi vol.19It was held at the mountaintop stage of Mount Meiyama.Intermediate announcementIn the TV broadcasting department "Advance Giant Season 2"In theatrical screening work department"Sword Art Online - Theatrical Scale -"Was at the top, but what is the final result like?

Walla Walla and animation fans gathered before the stage before the result announcement.

Moderator is a voice actor belonging to mouse promotionMaiko TakaiAnd Nippon Broadcasting announcer ·Yoshida NaotohiMr. Next, Mr. Kuromi Kuromita of the monthly new type editor-in-chiece appeared.

First of allLast year's award winning workI will review. For the work prize, the TV broadcast was "Kabaneri Kabaneri", and the theatrical screening was "Your name was".

This year's award character design award-mechanical Design Award Sound Award Theme Song Award Screenplay Award Award (theatrical), Best Director, Nogizaka46 Award-male character award-Female Character Award-mascot character Award-male voice actor It is divided into 15 categories: award, female voice actor award, studio prize, work piece award (television broadcasting).

◆ Character Design Award
First place:Bungo stray dogs(Arai Nobuhiro (character design), Haruhe 35 (manga))

Second place: Fate / Apocrypha
3rd place: Kemono Friends
4th place: Momentum Tortoise Ranbu
5th: Theatrical version Sword Art Online - Ordinal Scale -
6th place: Yuri !!! on ICE
7th place: Bet Kegeului (Akita studies (character design), Naomura Toru (original painting))
8th place: Re: CREATORS (Ryuichi Makino (character design), Hiroie Hiroe (character draft))
9th: Different World Cafeteria (Takao Sano, Keiichi Sano (Character Design), Enamikatsumi (Original Illustration))
10th place: NEW GAME !! (Ai Kikuchi, Shotaro Toshimoto (original work))

◆ Mechanical Design Award
First place:Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans

Second place: Re: CREATORS
3rd place: Theatrical version Sword Art Online - Ordinal scale -
4th place: Knights & Magic
5th place: Maid in Abyss
6th: Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Ai warriors
7th place: No Game No Life Zero
8th: Fate / Apocrypha
9th: Atom the Beginning
10th: Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN

◆ Sound Award
1st place: Theatrical version Sword Art Online - Ordinal scale -

2nd place: Beast Friends
3rd place: Bungo Stray Dogs
4th place: Yuri !!! on ICE
5th place: Advance Giant Season 2
6th place: Livelihood Touken Ranbu
7th place: Fate / Apocrypha
8th: No Game No Life Zero
9th: Shape of movie voice
10th place: Re: CREATORS

Screenplay Award
1st place: Yuichiro Toju (Fate / Apocrypha)

2nd place: Yoji Enokido (Bunraku Stray Dogs)
3rd place: Kawahara Foundation, Ito Tomohiko (Theatrical Version Sword Art Online - Ordinal Scale -)
4th place: Tatsuki (Kemono Friends)
5th place: Yasuko Kobayashi (Bet Keegui)
6th place: Shoyo Yamamoto, Mitsuro Kubo (name) (Yuri !!! on ICE)
7th: Aoi Hiro, Hiroe Hiroe (Re: CREATORS)
8th place: Jimbo Masato (foreign world dining hall)
9th place: ufotable (Raiku Tenka Ranbu)
10th place: Fumihiko Shimo (NEW GAME !!)

Director Award
1st place: Takuya Igarashi (Bunraku Stray Dogs)

Second place: Yoshiyuki Asai (Fate / Apocrypha)
3rd place: Tatsuki (Kemono Friends)
4th: Tomohiko Ito (Theatrical version Sword Art Online - Ordinal Scale -)
5th place: Yuichiro Hayashi (Bet Keegui)
6th: Sayoshi Yamamoto (Yuri !!! on ICE)
7th: Aoi No (Re: CREATORS)
8th place: Toshiyuki Shirai (Livelihood Touken Ranbu)
9th place: Jimbo Masato (foreign world dining hall)
10th place: Yoshiyuki Fujiwara (NEW GAME !!)

◆ Work Prize (Theater screening)
1st place: Theatrical version Sword Art Online - Ordinal scale -

Second place: the shape of the movie voice
3rd place: in one corner of this world
4th: Wounded story
5th: Movie version Kuroko's Basketball LAST GAME
6th: The Movie version "Black Butler Book of the Atlantic"
7th place: Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Ai warriors
8th: Theater version Free! - Timeless Medley-
9th: No Game No Life Zero
10th: Theatrical Version Fate / kaleid liner Prisma ☆ Ilya Vow under the snow

◆ Nogisaka 46 award
Professor eromanga

◆ Male voice actor award
1st place: Yuichiro Umehara

2nd place: Freedom Irino
3rd place: Matsuoka Sadyojo
4th place: Makoto Saito
5th place: Hiroshi Kamiya
6th place: Mamoru Miyano
7th place: Hiroki Kaji
8th: Jun Fukuyama
9th place: Junichi Suwabe
Tenth place: Takuya Eguchi

◆ Female voice actor award
1st place: Miyuki Sawashiro

Second place: Hanazawa Kana
3rd place: Saori Hayami
4th place: Yuki Aki
5th place: Haruka Tomatsu
6th place: Yuka Ozaki
7th place: Masato Uchida
8th place: Inori Inose
9th place: Maaya Sakamoto
10th place: Venus violet

◆ Men's Character Award
1st place: Kirito

Second place: Osamu Dazai
3rd place: Nakahara Nakahara
4th place: Viktor Nikifolov
5th place: Rivai
6th place: Katsuyoshi Yuki
7th place: Tatsuya Shiba
8th place: Izumi Moriaki
9th place: Araragi Calendar
10th place: Oda Kunosuke

◆ Female Character Award
1st place: Asuna

Second place: Serle
3rd place: Izumi Kyohana
4th place: Mikasa Ackerman
5th place: Hanekawa Tsubasa
6th place: Shinobu Oshino
7th place: Nishinomiya Glass
8th place: Akiko Yosano
9th place: Celestia · Yupitiria
10th place: Ruler / Jeanne d'Arc

◆ Mascot Character Award
1st place: Konoke

At the venue, this is a huge mascot of sushi and Yukiko Sejo who was responsible for designing Konsori in a lively sword sword dance

Second place: Lucky Beast
3rd place: McCarthin
4th place: Professor Nyanko
5th place: Elizabeth
6th place: Yui
7th place: Iwatobi-chan
8th place: Benippo
9th place: Komusuke
10th place: Dog

◆ Theme Song Prize
1st place: Welcome to Japa repark! (Komeko Friends)

Welcome to Japa repark! I received a message from Annual Biscuits × PPP singing.

Second place: Catch the Moment (Theater version Sword Art Online - Ordinal Scale -)
3rd place: History Maker (Yuri !!! on ICE)
4th place: TRASH CANDY (Bunraku Stray Dogs)
5th place: the city where the wind is blowing (Bunraku Stray Dogs)
6th: Heroes fate poetry (Fate / Apocrypha)
7th place: Hikari Rainstorm (Livelihood Sword Ranbu)
8th: Dedicate your heart! (Advance Giant Season 2)
9th: Reason Living (Bunraku Stray Dogs)
10th place: THERE IS A REASON (No Game No Life Zero)

◆ Studio Award
First place: Bonds

Second place: A-1 Pictures
3rd place: MAPPA
4th place: Yao Yorozu
5th place: ufotable
6th: Kyoto animation
7th place: WIT STUDIO
8th place: MADHOUSE
9th place: SILVER LINK.
10th: Shaft

◆ Work Award (TV Broadcasting)
First place: Fate / Apocrypha

Second place: Bungo Stray Dogs
3rd place: Livelihood Touken Ranbu
4th place: Beast Friends
5 th place: Blessing for this wonderful world! 2
6th place: Yuri !!! on ICE
7th place: Bet Kegeului
8th: Advance giant Season 2
9th place: Re: CREATORS
10th: Different World Food Restaurant

Subsequently, trophy was awarded from the governor of Iikumi Kamon, Tokushima Prefecture, to the award-winning works of each department. It is Mr. Shinichiro Kashida who is a producer of Aniplex who has received the trophies with the following photos.

Finally, the announcement for the annual relief was done and the presentation was completed successfully.

Following the New Type Anime Awards 2016 - 2017, anime screenings were held at the mountaintop of Mt. Meishan every time, but Fate / Apocrypha which won the prize for the work prize in the television broadcasting department was screened here.

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