I tried playing with a high-difficulty shooting game "Emergence Vector" scheduled for up to 70 simultaneous multiplayer players

"Emergence VectorIs a game that manipulates your fuselage and destroys enemies with the simple universe in which stars are expressed with white dots on a black background. As of October 5, 2017, a solo play alpha test that anyone can join will be done, and in the future it will be possible for up to 70 simultaneous online multipliers to be made. I immediately tried playing towards Multiplayer.

Emergence Vector

Emergence Vector Tutorial

Operation method
Use your cursor keys or the WASD key to perform your own operation. Pressing the "↑" key or "W" key injects the boost towards the back of the machine and moves forward.

Use the ← · → key or the A · D key to change direction. In the case of "Emergence Vector", instead of "move to the left or right", the image to steer to which direction to proceed while moving forward "turning to the left or right (rotating the aircraft). If the speed comes out, the turning radius will increase.

There are two kinds of attack methods of yourself. First of all, "missiles". "Shift" key fires "lock target", and lock target will "lock on" the enemy if it hits the enemy.

You can fire missiles with "Space" key after "lock on". Missiles will fly towards the locked on enemies, but because they are slow, we need to predict the future position and fire it. If you do not lock on you can not fire missiles, you can not hit a coincidental hit with a disorderly strike. Please note that this missile hits your aircraft when you touch it.

The other means of attack is "Anti Missile Light". In the article, it is written as "laser" for easy understanding. Pressing the "↓" key or "S" key will shoot down the enemy's shooting missiles by emitting light from the nose. It can also be used for direct attacks on enemies.

◆ How to view the screen
At the upper right of the screen there is a radar that shows the direction, position, enemy's position etc of your aircraft. The direction of the green line extending from the center is the direction of movement of the own machine. And the faster your machine is, the longer the line becomes. The center rectangular frame represents the range displayed on the screen. The red triangle is the enemy.

There are three gauges on the right side of the screen and under the radar. "Blue" is the shield representing the physical strength of the ship, yellow is the "energy" which represents the limit of attack means and boost, red is the speed at which natural recovery of "shield" and "energy" recovers slowly as the meter is filled with red "Recharge" to represent. When the consumption of "energy" exceeds 30%, the speed at which the shield and energy automatically recoversTo be suddenly delayedPlease be careful.

You can understand what kind of shooting game "Emergence Vector" is, by seeing the movie below which you actually play.

Playing video that will be played by NPC opponents at the high-difficulty shooting game "Emergence Vector" scheduled for up to 70 simultaneous multiplayer - YouTube

◆ Enemy type
The enemies characteristic of the projected nose shape of the following images have high searching capabilities and shoot missiles even from outside the sight. It is difficult to shake off this missile, so it is recommended to shoot down with a laser. Because we do not have any means of attack on short distances, it is ants that aim at one reversal approaching approaching. The physical strength is about 4 missiles, about the same as the aircraft itself.

Another kind, the movie "Star Wars" with a fuselage between the two wingsTIE fighterAn enemy who reminds me does not have a missile and the enemy distance is short, so it will not be attacked from outside sight, but close range lasers are powerful. It is a place I want to beat in an outrange attack, but missiles are hard to hit, it is quite troubling. Physical strength is about 4 missiles, also here is about the same as yourself.

When you play the alpha test, you will need to check with the radar that three enemies will come from a location beyond the left edge of the screen. Here, trying to try an attack from the upper left of the screen ...

I was locked on by the enemies, I try to avoid counterclockwise to get rid of the missiles.

Because it is weightless, it flips forward with the momentum being forwarded and faces a missile towards the enemy beyond the right edge of the screen facing backwards.

I hit an enemy aircraft, but the enemies fired back from the right end with a missile. I will attempt to shoot enemy missiles with laser, but in a state with low energy the laser will be short and I am unhappy to shoot down missiles.

I will shoot down missiles with laser while avoiding missiles, but enemies shoot missiles one after another.

I will fight back with a defeat and a missile, but the enemy has also shot the missile further close range.

However, because the enemy's missile shot at a close range, it hits a different enemy who was on the right of the aircraft after the big round from the left. A missile shot from here in advance also hits, and it was able to shoot down with a racket.

There are no pursuits as to whether the enemy is running out of energy. Counterattack from here only, 4 missiles from close range.

I was able to shoot down the second aircraft with ease.

The enemy 's third shooter has shot a missile whether energy has recovered.

Two enemy missiles were shot down by laser.

Missile launch by checking enemies at the top of the screen with radar.

The missile tracking hits and the third aircraft is defeated. I knocked down three aircraft and came to Nori.

Next we are going to defeat another kind of enemy group that is over the left side of the screen.

TIE fighterBecause enemies who remind me of missiles do not have missiles, I will aim at enemy's enemy capability from missiles but missiles ......

I misjudged the distance to the enemy, and it was surprised by enemy hordes and was destroyed in a moment.

◆ Stage movement with star gate of hyperspace
"Emergence Vector" isMovie 2001 Space JourneyLike 'Star Gate' (Stargate), Use Hyperspace alias, move to another universe through hyperspace, that is, you can warp between stages.

When I go to Hyperspace I feel like this.

I went to another universe through StarGate at the high-difficulty shooting game "Emergence Vector" scheduled for up to 70 simultaneous multiplayer - YouTube

First find the "Star Gate" which is displayed with the square frame on the stage overlapping and touch it on your own machine.

Then the player rapidly moves away from the planetary system.

Finally I see the whole planetary system ......

Arrived in Hyperspace. The universe that we used to be "singularities in different spaces" (Hyperspace Singularity) That is, it was displayed as a white circle on the screen.

In hyperspace energy and shield will not automatically recover. In other words, let's move carefully with direction and save the boost.

To escape from the hyperspace, you can escape by touching a singular point in a different space in the hyperspace. The singular point of the different space is displayed as a point of each color with radar.

Try to touch a singular point of a different space that seems to be displayed with a black circle.

Now it is approaching a planetary system.

The planetary system gets bigger ......

I arrived in another universe.

◆ How to join α test
α To play the Emergence Vector during the test, select "Emergence Vector"Official siteGo to the top page "ALPHA" Click.

Wait a few seconds for reading.

The login screen is displayed and click on "pre-alpha resistration".

Decide and enter an arbitrary name and password.

After inputting, click the checkbox "I am not a robot".

Since multiple images are displayed, click all the images as instructed and click "Confirm".

Click "Register" when checked. Completion of registration.

You will return to the login screen with "Return to Login Page".

Enter the name and password you decided earlier and click "Login" to start the α test.

In "Emergence Vector", the specification of the hardware required for game play is not high, and since the keyboard operation necessary for the player to remember is few, the participating hurdles are low. However, even if you play a game for about 6 hours, there is no doubt that it is a shooting game that can be answered with a high degree of difficulty that you can not overcome the 10 enemies you encounter for the first time. In addition, "Emergence Vector" behaved like alpha test, such as encountering scenes where shielding and energy are not recovered several times during play.

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