A man who tried to escape through the electric wire, "I do not want to pay hotel fees," even if he succeeds in tightrope, he is arrested

A man who thought that he did not want to pay hotel accommodation fee in Guizhou province in China attempted to escape from the window of the high floor and travel through the electric wire to the next building. It is a big topic that a man like a man who would like to turn his eyes if taken by a pedestrian of high altitude who relied on only one thin wire was photographed by pedestrians on the ground and so on.

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Man tries to escape hotel bill by crossing a telephone wire over to the next building

Man stuck mid-air after trying to skip hotel bill between telecom wires between two buildings - YouTube

A man who hangs with Brahn on the wire.

I will change my attitude as if I were hanging on a steel bar. There were scenes where it seemed that it was tangled with two wires on the way.

As you can see from another angle, the man is hanging over the sky far from the ground, between the building and the building.

I'm tired, I hang from the waist from the wire and stop moving for a while.

When you look further away, you can also see that there is a considerable distance between the buildings the man is about to move.

Were men looking at the tightrope sweetly, on the way, they often see balancing and taking a break.

And I borrowed the hands of firefighters at the destination and came across the electric wire without falling ... ...

Around that time it was a big stir and it seems he was arrested by the police waiting in the building to cross.

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