Google Chrome extension "Read Ruby" review that allows you to attach a Japanese translation of a word level to an English word on a web page

When words which do not understand when reading English website are come out, it is necessary to investigate the meaning by software and web search every time, it is troublesome. Meanwhile, the Google Chrome extension that wakes Japanese ruby ​​into English words on the page "Read Ruby"Has been published. Since it is possible to specify the word level that rubs ruby, it is a useful tool that narrows down to the words that you do not understand at your English level and displays the meaning.

Chrome extension 'Read Ruby' which displays the meaning of Japanese in English words of Web page has been released - drilldripper's blog

First from the Chrome Web StoreRead Ruby"And click on" Add to CHROME ".

Would you like to add "Read Ruby"? Click "Add Extension" to be asked.

When the dictionary icon is displayed next to the address bar, it is OK to prepare.

How does Read Ruby work? By saying that,English version GIGAZINEI will try it out. If you do not use Read Ruby, only English sentences are lined up simply.

Click on the icon beside the address bar ......

Like this, ruby ​​was given to some words.

Only words such as "purify" "hospice" "vegetarian" "reservation" "postal" are posted in ruby ​​in the image.

Ruby is imparted only to some words because Read Ruby can set the word ruby ​​for each level. To change this level, select "Option" from the icon beside the address bar.

Then the following setting screen will appear.

The level of English words can be specified from 1 to 12, Level 1 is an introduction, Levels 2 to 4 are beginners, Levels 5 to 7 are intermediate levels, Levels 8 to 10 are advanced, Levels 11 to 12 are the highest grade I will. By default it was set to level 5.

Level 1 and click "Save setting".

When I tried Read Ruby to function on the web page again, the word to which ruby ​​was shaken changed.

Not only verbs such as "mind" but also verbs such as "purify (purify)", you can see that ruby ​​is being imparted to the particles such as "for (purpose towards purpose)" and "(and)" .

I am the author of Read RubyMorningAccording to Mr. Read Ruby, Kindle's "Word WiseIt is said that it is influenced from. In the dictionarySimple English-Japanese dictionary, Level setting of English wordsStandard vocabulary level SVL 12000It seems to be using.

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