Awesome making movie that understands amazing VFX technology hidden in "Rogue One / Star Wars story"

IronmanSeries andTransformersFrom the series,Star Wars / Awakens of the ForceYaStar Wars / The Last JediWe have been in charge of special effects and VFX in many Hollywood movies including the latest Star Wars such asIndustrial Light & MagicHowever, the movie released in 2016Rogue One / Star Wars Story"We are publishing a part of the astonishing CG technology that was used in the website on YouTube.

Behind the Magic of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - YouTube

Jeda City which is one of the stage of Rogue One

This is a pattern created in 3DCG all

A scene of seeing the city from another angle. To the 3DCG model ......

Place the light source and add effects. The color is gray only, but it will look more realistic.

In addition, add color to each object.

Then add the sky ......

"Moy" is applied, realistic "blur" is added to the landscape clearly clearly shown.

Furthermore, the actual scene is completed by adding flame and smoke.

The whole view of Jeda City looks something like this, all except CG background.

Death star holding the key of the story

Since it has been precisely created with CG from each detail part to each detail, it is also possible to break up parts one by one.

One scene by Governor of Takin of the galactic empire

At first glance there is no change, but Governor Takin first appeared in episode 4, and it was Peter Cushing who played. However, since Cassing died in 1994, Wayne Diagram played a relatively similar appearance in Episode 3. And at Rogue One, Guy Henry is newly playing Governor Takin.

How, Takin Governor 's face part uses the whole CG.

Guy Henry played the camera with his head attached, and his face was replaced with CG made from the initial Takin general image.

Learn more about how you raised Princess Leia and Governor Takin with Rogue One by looking at the following movie.

How Rogue One Created Princess Leia, Grand Moff Tarkin - YouTube

Next is a scene of air battle with X wing. Of course, most of them are CG here as well ... ...

This realistic battle scene is reproduced with color and effect.

Furthermore, the CG of the building is reflected ......

Detailed parts will be assembled.

As you can see from the fact that the TIE fighter flew away, this was a military base of the Galactic Empire.

Start from the round parts next ... ...

Something will be assembled little by little.

You can see a lot of fairly detailed parts are prepared.

Building which is built as if it is integrated with black space ... ...

It was the Citadel Tower built in the imperial safety management facility of the planet Scaliff.

When entering this citadel tower, it is Droid's K - 2 SO that I walked from the front.

Actually human beings play this K - 2 SO. There is an escalator and a camera in the back of the person who plays the K - 2 SO.

This is processed to K - 2 SO with VFX.

Modeling of CG is like this.

Then the sky and a part of the building reflected in the scene.

Add CG trees here

Add a color ......

I add smoke on the battlefield.

And add fighter aircraft.

Add smoke and flame to this ... ...

It crashes to the ground.

If you can express it with CG anything so far, you will not know what is CG in real life, up to sand smoke and flames that wind around from the ground.

The scenes where countless stormtroopers are falling down are almost like CG in the upper half. First add the sky ......


The trees

The battlefield scene is completed with explosive flame and sand smoke.

There are other besides machinery remnants like scratches ......

Added ground-like color.

Add more water ...

I also add green.

And if you add X wing it will be a battle flying scene.

Just as it is with X wing and hyperdrive ... ...

I came to space. Scenes where there are only planets and two TIE fighters ......

With a huge battleship ......

If you add beams, explosions, etc., it will change to a familiar battle scene in the universe in Star Wars series.

Of course the fighters that crowd the universe are also CG.

In addition, there are almost no chairs except for the following scenes ......

I will transform into the scene of hyperdrive.

According to Industrial Light & Magic, this movie is based on the fact that it is a movie that makes it clear that the world of Star Wars was created in a place like a magical place with nothing at allSIGGRAPH 2017First published at the Computer Animation Festival held in September 27thThe Star Wars ShowIt seems to have been released to the whole world in.

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