"Petals fly around in the wind and bloom one after the other" The healing game "Flower" iOS version play repo, what is its charm permanently preserved in the Smithsonian museum by popularity?

Beautiful visuals and poetic atmosphere are highly appreciatedSpike Video Game Awards"Best independent game of 2009" andAcademy of Interactive Arts & Sciences"Casual Game of the Year" and others, and in 2013,Smithsonian MuseumPlayStation 3 game determined as a permanent collection "Flower(It is released as "Flowery" in relation to trademark in Japan) "iOS version was released. Unique concept that "he petals flowing around in the wind and blooming one after the other and flowers will bloom one after another" and intuitive operation feeling, time limit and no time limit just attracts a lot of gamers Then I tried to play this game which boasted of cult popularity immediately at iOS 11.

Flower - thatgamecompany

Flower trailer video for App Store

First of allApp StoreDownload at. The price at the time of writing the article was 600 yen. Because there is 1 G of data capacity, we recommend downloading in Wi-Fi environment.

When you start up the game, it is a urban area that looks outside the window and a gray room. There is a flower pot on the window, and the planted flower is in the state of a bud.

Tilt the screen to select screen. For the first time this time, there is only one flowerpot in this bud state. Tap this bud for a long time to switch from the "real world" to the "world in the dream", a journey that brings the flowers of the players will start.

After tapping, the sight of the urban area will be displayed first. It seems as if the dusky shade and the building under construction that is visible far away symbolize the stressful modern society.

When the screen switches, one flower is blooming in front of you. This flower becomes a petal that the player operates.

When you tap, a single petal is blown in the wind and emerges.

An indication on the screen "Please tilt to get rudder." Actually moving the smartphone will cause the petal to move in a tilted direction.

As you continue to tap, the wind blows, and the petals that ride on it will move freely on the stage. At this time, the place to tap is OK anywhere, the direction of movement is dependent on the tilt of the smartphone to the last. If you do not keep this in your mind, it is hard to get the petals to move in the direction you expected.

When you touch the flower in a bud state it will bloom and a new petal will join the flower you control.

Since petals are increasing more and more as you play, at the end of the game countless petals will dance in the wind and move around the stage. Very clean and wonderful.

This is the only operation as a game. On the other hand, the screen implicitly suggests where the player will go, so there is no instruction to "do that" or "do this". The player intuitively "judges that it is only after you can make that flower bloom?", "It may be good to move to this place" It is decided to play. The stage clears when certain conditions are satisfied, the collected petals are gathered and returned to the selection screen.

I tried playing the first side for the time being, but it took me about 15 minutes to clear because I was not used to the operation method. The following is a digest of play animation.

"Flower" iOS version play video 1st stage digest

When you clear the stage, the flower pots on the stage selection screen will increase and you can play a new stage. There are 7 stages when "Flower" includes 6 stages in total, including the extra stage which also serves as staff credit. Of course it is also possible to play the past stage again.

The first stage, but it was peaceful natural landscape, this way stage artifacts, such as has been placed windmills and ...... Some

Night A stage where flowers and stacked pastures shine fantastically in the dark.

Moreover, there will be stages that wander in the city that collapsed like this when it comes to the final stage.

Although it was found to have been played, the degree of anteversion and tilted backward being based on the time to tap the screen to select the first play to surface pattern. In other words, the vertical is used as the reference be selected while in the vertical the smartphone, will be the standard horizontal be selected while in the horizontal. Order If you want to play in the smartphone has integrated the controller and the screen, making it difficult to see the screen in a forward tilting state when the horizontal becomes the reference. If not even necessarily have to play while Nekorogari, is vertical or state looks good is to on the basis of which was a slight angle from it.

Finally, it is a digest movie of the place which was beautiful in playing. If you have a place to touch the chord line, I recommend you try playing by all means.

"Flower" iOS version play video full digest

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