"Microsoft AI and Research Group" has expanded to 8000 people in the established year, and it will be in the form of business as a few years


MicrosoftEstablished in September 2016AI (artificial intelligence) related research organization "Microsoft AI and Research Group"Has grown into an organization with a scale of 8000 people in about one year since its establishment. In the background, Microsoft is missing "opportunities" on mobile terminals and social media, and seems to have a strong will to succeed in the AI ​​field.

One year later, Microsoft AI and Research grows to 8k people in massive bet on artificial intelligence - GeekWire

Microsoft AI and Research Group was founded as the fourth engineering department following "Windows" "Office" "cloud & enterprise" at Microsoft. Originally, since Bill Gates founded "Microsoft Research" which studies neural network, machine translation, artificial intelligence, etc. over 25 years ago, computer scientists and engineers are prepared and 5000 from the beginning Although it was sailing in the system, membership increased by 1.6 times to 8000 by new employment and acquisition of other companies in one year.

Rob Sanfilippo, research firm Directions on Microsoft, said, "Microsoft has made progress, but IBM, Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook There are many rivals etc. For the general public, there should be opportunities for Amazon's Alexa to touch more than Microsoft's Cortana.Microsoft has made it possible to reproduce the fact that I missed the big opportunity on mobile terminals and social media We are concentrating on the AI ​​strategy to avoid it. "

It was necessary for that goal that it was LinkedIn's acquisition at $ 26 billion (about 2.9 trillion yen).

Also, we announced that we will cooperate with Amazon, which should be rival in speech recognition AI assistant field.

Amazon and Microsoft to cooperate with the speech recognition AI assistant "Alexa" and "Cortana" - GIGAZINE

However, Harry Shum, senior vice president of Microsoft AI and Research Group, said in an interview by Geekwire that the business is still in the early stages and that as a business it will be necessary for the user to use it in just a few more years to mature I am thinking about it.

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