The sale of the GPU maker Imagination Technologies truncated to Apple is confirmed


Imagination Technologies, a semiconductor manufacturer based in the UK, was acquired by CBFI, a subsidiary of the Chinese Government related fund · Canyon Bridge. The purchase amount is 550 million pounds (about 83 billion yen).

Recommended Cash Acquisition of Imagination Technologies Group PLC by CBFI Investment Limited - Imagination Technologies

Imagination Technologies iPhone 4Apple A4From the chip, iPhone 7Apple A 10A company that has provided GPUs to Apple for many years, up to chips. However, in April 2017 I announced that Apple is a policy to independently develop GPUs used for iPhones and iPads.

Apple has broken up with Imagination Technologies, which is currently licensed on GPUs such as iPhones / iPads, and will be launching its own GPU in two years - GIGAZINE

Sales of Imagination Technologies50%Or60 to 70%Is said to be business with Apple, the share price of Imagination Technologies fell by up to 72% after Apple unveiled its own GPU development. And in June 2017 we will consolidate the policy to sell.

Apple's abandoned GPU maker "Imagination Technologies" finally sells - GIGAZINE

And on September 22, 2017, Imagination Technologies officially announced that the selling destination would be CBFI. Although the total purchase is £ 550 million (about 83 billion yen), it is decided that another company Tallwood MIPS will acquire the CPU core related (MIPS core business) in the business of Imagination Technologies. Tallwood MIPS is a company established by Silicon Valley venture capital Tallwood VC, and the total acquisition of the MIPS core business is $ 65 million (about 7.3 billion yen).

It is believed that only the MIPS core business was sold separately because there was an example where President Trumpp had dismissed the acquisition of a semiconductor manufacturer by Chinese capital until the presidential order was issued.

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