The person's emotion, cognitive ability and body change in an airplane, and it will show a different response from the ground

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Although cheap airline tickets have appeared and traveling abroad has become more familiar, recent studies have shown that flight on an airplane changes the state, cognitive ability, anxiety, and emotion of the human body. Healthy people can be affected by airplanes somewhat,BBCIt explains.

BBC - Future - How flying seriously messes with your mind

Virgin Atlantic asked a questionnaire on Facebook and 41% of men said they had "wrapped in a blanket so that other passengers can not see tears" and " "It turned out that there were many women. As a whole 55% of the passengers were experiencing a growing emotion while on board the plane, Virgin Atlantic had told passengers "prepare tissue, If you need a leaner please press the crew call button. " According to the flight attendant Carly Swaine, the passengers who are shedding tears are often seen in airplanes, "Many customers are going to visit honeymooners and distant relatives for a world of adventure It's no wonder that the movie will create a strong emotion as it crossesI am speaking.

The existence of a person "Emotion rises in an airplane" is not unusual, and physicistBrian CoxMr. also agreed to become emotional when I saw a movie in an airplane,Even in the investigation of Gatwick Airport, 15% of men and 6% of females tend to tear more easily when watching on airplane than when watching movies at home.The German Society of Aerospace MedicineJochen Hinkelbein, a representative of the German Air and Medical Association (DGLRM), said, "So far, research on aviation medicine for healthy people has not been done well enough, but traveling by plane is cheap As people became more popular, people and seniors who are not fit for air travel came to take advantage of airplanes, "he explains the necessity of aviation medicine.

In the airplane, the environment is the same as the 2.4 km altitude, the humidity is lower than the desert, and the air entering from the outside is adjusted to around 10 degrees to prevent overheating of the cabin. Also, by adjusting the atmospheric pressure, the amount of oxygen in the blood of passengers will be reduced by 6 to 25%, but this is a situation where doctors are called by a hospital patient. If you are a healthy passenger, there are few problems, but if you are a senior citizen or a person with breathing problems, the impact of air travel will be greater.

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Previous studies have shown that at an oxygen level of 3.6 km altitude, even healthy adults can measure measurablyMemory· Calculation ability · ResolutionChangeIt is reported. Therefore, the pilot is stipulated by the aeronautical rules that it is necessary to wear an oxygen mask when flying over 3.8 km altitude. On the other hand, if it exceeds 2.1 km altitude somehowTime to react is shortenedIt is also known. According to Mr. Hinkelbein, although healthy people do not show a decrease in cognitive ability, "If you are not compatible with the airplane or who have a health problem such as having influenza, hypoxia The deterioration of circulation of oxygen by worse, cognitive abilities are visible to the eye. " Also, Mr. Hinkelbein says that becoming sleepy as soon as he is on an airplane is an influence of hypoxia.

Besides this, when the altitude is 1.5 km or more, human night vision ability is 5 to 10%To decrease, Sensitivity to sweetness and saltiness drops by up to 30% due to decrease in humidity and atmospheric pressureTaste changesThere is also reported to do. Not only the taste but also the olfaction diminishes as humidity decreases, so more seeds are added to the in-flight meal. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention that the decrease of atmospheric pressure and humidity will increase the influence of alcohol, and it will become easy to become a hangover next day.

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And the high place increases the negative emotion of the person, the tension isBe strengthenedAgainst peopleIt is not friendly, Energy level isFallThe ability to cope with stressBeing influencedIt has been shown in studies so far. Valerie Martindale, a representative of the Aviation Medical Association of King · College London, says "Hypoxia increases the level of anxiety."

On the other hand,To make happyA research result indicating that it is said that research results have been announced, Professor Stephen Groening of the University of Washington said, "It is not sorrowful to watch a movie using headphones and a small screen during a boring flight, but a tear of joy There is a possibility of being connected. "

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According to Hinkelbein, unpublished studies carried out by the University of Cologne have allowed the subject to experience the same environment as a civilian aircraft for 30 minutes, and the balance of molecules related to the immune system in the subject's blood It is also confirmed that it changed. This suggests that the environment of low pressure may affect the function of the immune system, "People thought that it is prone to disease during travel because the environment changes so far, It may be due to changes in reactions in the system, which is a field that requires more detailed research, "Hinkelbein said. In addition, as inflammation increases due to immune reactions is considered to be related to depression, it is also seen as one possibility that the flight has an effect on people's mood .

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