Build a solar power generation system and build a solar power plant in the burning man venue

It will be held in Black Rock City which was created in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada State, USABurning man"You also need to obtain electricity on your own. Although the use of diesel generators is common, some people bring home-made solar power generation systems.

Build A Personal Power Plant.

"Burning Man 2017" held from August to September 2017. In the burning man venue where each person expresses their own expression in a virtual city that appears in the desert and has no money, there were not a few people making their own solar power generation systems to acquire electric power on their own.

By the way, when the editorial department of GIGAZINE participated in the burning manPortable solar power generation unit "Forty 2"I was using it. Forty 2 is moving to the lower left of the image.

Sean's solar power generation system is equipped with a solar panel on the ceiling of the pickup truck. I pulled the cable up to the box next to the tent.

Battery case remodeled tool box. With the cable drawn into the tent, it supplies power to the Swamp cooler that cools the lights and tents.

The toolbox has the role of protecting the system from harsh desert sunshine and dust. The reason that Sean brought in his own solar power generation system instead of a diesel generator is that there are three points "fuel is unnecessary", "no noise", "compact".

In Sean 's system, the electricity stored is as much as 6 hours at night, and it seems that the cooler began to operate with sunrise.

On my where I can post homemade solar power generation system, I made my own solar power generation systemAn exampleIt is going up. The following system was made with parts procured from, and it is said that the total amount is 193 dollars (about 20,000 yen).

Build A Personal Power Plant.

Parts arrived from in this state.

Contents are solar panels, controllers, batteries, inverters.

Cables you do not need are boldly cut with scissors.

Connect solar panels, inverters, batteries. The configuration is very simple.

The solar panel is installed on the roof ... ... or so it is neglected.

Hang the cable.

It was one room of the apartment that I drew in. It seems that it is building a homemade solar power generation system on the roof of the apartment house how.

We use lead storage batteries to cut costs, but desk lamps, PCs, tablets and smartphones are supposed to be able to handle the electricity stored during the day at the day.

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