Headline news on September 21, 2017

VAIO has released three new models of notebook PC "S" series for mainstream.

Features | VAIO S13 | VAIO

"S13" equipped with a 13.3-inch (1920 × 1080) liquid crystal display. The CPU adopts Intel's 7 th generation Core processor, and it can select up to 1 TB NVMe compatible high-speed SSD. There is also an LTE communication correspondence model that carries a SIM card slot. To correspond to the Windows 10 data plan, a communication contract is available from the Windows application.

Features | VAIO S 11 | VAIO

For the 11-inch liquid crystal model "S11" of the same design as S13, the same specifications as S13 can be selected. Carbon is adopted as a top board, and the lightest model is 840 grams.

Features | VAIO S15 | VAIO

"S15" adopted 15.5-inch LCD is an all-in-one model with built-in optical drive. In contrast to S11 / S13 dual core CPU, S15 adopts 4 core Karby Lake - H series CPU.

The new S series of VAIO has already been reserved and sold at the VAIO Store, and it is on sale on September 29, 2017.

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

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Rakuten Co., Ltd.: Rakuten Mobile, starting acceptance at a mobile type store "Rakuten Mobile Caravan Car" | Notice

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According to the newspaper, Yeum's "Buddy" kept by Corienne Pretorius who lives in the southeastern part of London is the AI ​​voice of Amazon's biggest Internet mail order (Amazon.com) He ordered one set of 10 pound (about 1500 yen) gift box through the assistant "Alexa".

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I arrived abroad. As soon as I had an airplane I knew the news that Namie Amuro retired. I am surprised to be honest too much and I do not quite realize it. Everyday is fun every day because I love Namie Amuro when I was in elementary school, I am thrilled when I listen to songs, I feel excited when I go live, I feel like I can fly a step I can not put out before, Just listening to the word Namie Amuro Heats the body and the courage overflows from the whole body. Clean, clean, beautiful and cool way of living I sincerely respect. Thank you for miracles born in the same age as Namie Amuro, I would like to support the artist Namie Amuro all the time until 9/16 year after year. And since that I've always loved you forevering all my life. No matter what, Amuro-chan is Hero for me all the time.

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Garrigali Genki Drink Taste New Release | Akagiri Milk

(PDF file)Historic tea store, Harumatsu Kamibayashi head office supervision, "green tea of ​​Seven Premium Gold Gold Fukami / mellow" the finest tea leaves made with attention raw materials and manufacturing methods the new release - September 25 (Monday) from Seven & amp; Aikuru - Release at -

From Kentucky, a new menu of deliciousness that makes it addictive for the fall of appetite appeared! New fried chicken with Japanese style flavored soup stock that made the bonito decide "New Year's Day Chicken <5 kinds of flavor>" New release from September 28th ~ Autumn New Sand "Yamatsuki Chicken Nanban Sand" will be released at the same time ~ | Japan KFC Holdings Co., Ltd.

I want to give it to people, Full Gul appearance that can be a present
LOHACO limited sale "Fullgra® Design BOX" New release from Wednesday, October 4, 2017 | Calbee Inc.

Calbee 'Fulugra®' Design Box - YouTube

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