"Criminal dances" to become a "detective", a "culprit" to go through and challenge Dubadova in the brain

Analogue card game "culprit dance" series that aims to solve "witnesses" and "rumors" as a seed for the case that happened in a suspicious Western-style building. "Criminal dancing third edition" which was hard to get with shortage while popularly repeating lithography, finally arrived at the editorial department. I heard that drugs in the brain can not stop if I could be a "detective" and be able to recognize the "culprit", so I decided to play at once.

Game introduction: The criminal dances Koenji 0 minute Sugoroku

The criminal arrives at the editorial department is the third edition to dance. On the packing, the shipping sourceTakemi ShopA polite thank you sentence was attached. Handling dealers "The third person to dance the criminal"Official introduction blogSince there is a list, you can purchase and order from there.

"Criminal dances third version" package. A dubious Western-style building not illuminating the moonlight is drawn.

Compact and easy to carry because it's an analog game playing with cards only. It is a little lower than the iPhone 6.

On the back of the package, there is an explanation of the background of "The criminal dances". "The incident happened - the criminal gathered in this place today, we are inside of you."

The number of players is wide, from 3 to 8, and the required time is also 10 to 20 minutes so it seems easy to play. In addition to this, the statement that this product is the third edition, age restriction, etc. are stated.

When opening the lid, it is a manual first.

The instructions were laterally opened, there was a front and a back. The table shows the distribution of cards according to the number of players and the flow of the game in a concise manner.

On the back side are the victory conditions of the game and the Q & A to advance the game. Since there is also a contents list at the end, it is used to confirm the number of cards.

Let's play right away. As the number of players is 3 to 8, I play with four people for the time being. Following the instructions, we will use a total of 16 cards, one for "first discoverer", "culprit", "detective", "alibi" and "chirami" one at a time, and 11 at random.

Four cards per person are dealt.

The following 4 pieces were dealt out this time. As a "detective" naming the criminal and "witness" who can check all of the cards of one of the cards, first check the cards of suspicious players with "witnesses", and if there are " If there is a criminal, then you can see the victory vision suddenly that you can win by using "detective".

A person who was dealt a "first discoverer" declared the case and started the game. I decided the content of the incident as you like and OK. This time "I have no box lunch". It is a juney situation.

From here we take cards one at a time clockwise and follow the sentences on that card. Since the person nearest to me on the left was the "first discoverer", the turn moved clockwise from there, and the author became the last.

The second person issued cards of "deal". It's like saying "I will exchange secretly one other hand with one other person ..."

The third player will be nominated and exchanged. Were you handed in an unnecessary card or was it pressed?

The third player put "general people" onto the battlefield. "Even if you put it out, nothing happens", just go to the next order.

As my turn, which is number four, has come around, I will use "witnesses" immediately. I will aim for the third player who was pressed something before "deal".

I found "culprit"!

However, since the criminal has "alibi", it can not be reached. I have to break up my alibi.

The number returned to Player 1 and "Alibi" was put into play. Is not it a culprit to abandon "alibi"? Although there is also the idea, already confirmed that the criminal is the third player.

The second player issued "information manipulation". Everyone picks 1 card from his or her hand and hands it to the person on the left. Is not this ...?

"Culprit" was pressed from number 3 person. "Detective" and "culprit"Knox's Ten CommandmentsIt seems to be in conflict with the situation. I want to pass this "culprit" to someone and to detect it with "detective".

Third player who pushed "criminal" uses "detective" and the author is pursued as "culprit" but it is safe thanks to "Alibi". "I am not the culprit" I declare.

My turns came and I was a little worried, but I used "detective". "Culprit" can not be put out until it becomes the last one, and it is not possible to break the "alibi" as it is suspected as "culprit". I will pursue No. 3 player, but since "culprit" is the author, it is obviously out of order. With this, "Detective" was used two pieces. If there are no "detectives" in the rest of the hand, victory is about to come.

In the third week, the first player issued "Kurami". If you use this, you become a friend of "culprit", winning with the criminal or losing it with the criminal. I would like to cooperate so that both can win.

The next No. 2 issued was the "witness". Nominate Player 3 and check your hand. The confirmed player 3 turns off the tea with "ordinary people" and moves to the next turn.

It is my turn, a moment of tension. I will give up "alibi" because I can not put out "culprit", but this will no longer serve the "criminal". I wish that there are no detectives ......

I will throw away the "alibi" with nothing face. Noises have begun to sound from nowhere.

The last week to come. The first player will issue "Alibi" and the hand will be gone. Even if you lose your hand, the game will not be decided. Player 1 uses "Kurami", so victory and defeat depends on "culprit".

The last player put out by the second player is "dog". Choose a card from one of your hands and show it to everyone. Another winning condition card in line with "Detective" called victory if you sniff the criminal with this. The remaining players were two, of which the third hand was already confirmed with "witnesses" ......

The remaining 4 writers were defeated by being called "criminal". Player 2 with "Dog" won, player 4 who was told "culprit" and player 1 who became a lotus with "Kurami" both lost. I was good at hiding the "dog" till the end.

I will introduce cards that were not used in this game. "Rumor" card is "a stupid card that scratches the hands of everyone," Baba ni ni from right "for everyone. Because this was not triggered, "culprit" has become easy to be identified.

And, "Boys" added only one from the third edition. Everyone else closed the eyes for the first time, only "culprits" opened their eyes and informed only to "boys". With a pure heart of "boy" who can not even communicate with "alibi", you can definitely see the existence of "culprit". It is a useful card when playing games with large numbers of people.

The more the number of players increases, the harder it is to search for "culprits." Also, if you play with up to 8 players, the randomness will be lost in the cards used, so strategy such as "Because four detectives were used, you can run away if two others are used" will also increase.

It is compact, easy to carry, easy to play from the first time playing, but because of its simple but deep game design, it seems to be active in travel destinations.

"The criminal dances third edition" is a suggested retail price of 1200 yen (excluding tax).Mail order of SugorokuIf it is 1296 yen,Order at AmazonIf it is 1600 yen. Compared by playing with 4, 6, 8 people, the "criminal" is easy to be seen by 4 people, so "6 people, 8 people" in the game "to push criminals together and pursue as soon as possible" As the number of players is increased, "criminal" is hard to escape and it is also easy to escape, so "The criminal explored the way, the criminal ran away", and I enjoyed the sense of changing game characteristics. Although it searches for the criminal with 8 play, the speed solution that pushes the criminal with a small number of people also glows a bit more differently. More than anything, since the game design which is established without problem even if the game start does not read is a word of excellence, carry it to the excursion season, carrying the case and feeling of the name detective called "death god" It should be ants to try.

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