Bill Gates said "If you can go back then, Ctrl + Alt + Delete will let you operate with 1 key"

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"Ctrl + Alt + Delete"The three key combinations are used when restarting the computer or calling the task manager. For these three keys, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said that the three key combinations are "It was a failure."I commented in 2013, but I will tell you about this again.

Bill Gates: Sorry about Control - Alt - Delete - Sep. 20, 2017

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When Gates attended the ceremony held at Harvard University in 2013, "Although it was possible to make a single button, the person who designed the keyboard of IBM did not want to put together the buttons." " I made a low-level programming and forced you, I was a failure, "he said, and revealed that he has a negative idea for the three keys.

A movie that recorded the moment of remarks is also released on YouTube and others. If Gates says that the combination of Ctrl + Alt + Delete failed, laughter and applause will come from the audience.

Bill Gates admits control - alt - delete was a mistake, blames IBM - YouTube

This remark was picked up and became a topic in Japan. Bill Gates, "Ctrl + Alt + Delete was a failure" - (1/2)

Of course, this remark is also posted in GIGAZINE.

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And it was held in New York in September 2017Bloomberg Global Business ForumMr. Gates once again said, "If only one small change is made, I will make it possible to do with a single key (a combination of the three keys)" and three keys "Ctrl + Alt + Delete" I told him that the combination of the two was a troublesome thing.

David Bradley, who designed the keyboard of IBM, thought that if the same operation as "Ctrl + Alt + Delete" could be executed with one key, thinking that the computer may be restarted due to an erroneous operation and three key pairs He seems to have come up with a match.

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