Concerning the invitation of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, it concluded that "there was injustice"

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It was officially decided that Paris in Paris in 2024 and Olympic Games in Los Angeles in 2028 was officially decided but the conclusion that there was injustice in deciding the venue for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics with the same timing was announced UK newspaper company "The Guardian"Reported.

Fresh claims that Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020 Olympic bid teams bought votes | Sport | The Guardian

Reporting that the Tokyo Olympic Games Bid Committee bought votes of Mr. Diak, who has a great influence at the IOC General Assembly by paying money to Lamine Diack (Lamin Diak) who has the voting rights at the IOC General Assembly, The Guardian did it on the moon. Regarding this matter, the French police are continuing the investigation, the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee stated, "The bidding process was the work of the bidding committee, the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee itself is involved in this It is completely different from the understanding of the organization committee about the content of this report, and I am convinced that Tokyo acquired the bid as a result of making the best proposal to the IOC. " Has been announced.

To the IOC committee by the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games bid, the existence of a back lot which seems to be a huge bribe is revealed, the name of Dentsu also - GIGAZINE

According to what the Guardian reported in 2016, on September 7, 2013, two times before and several weeks before the IOC decided the Olympic venue, Mr. Diak from the Tokyo Olympic bid committee There was payment of 1.7 million euros (about 223 million yen) in the account called "Black Tidings".

And newly regarding suspicion of fraud, the Brazilian judicial authorities compiled the documents based on the investigation of the French authorities, and in voting to decide the host city of the Olympics in 2016 and 2020, "vote is purchased and the specific influence I will support Mr. Ramin Diak with ", he concluded that Mr. Diak was paying money.

According to the documents compiled by the Brazilian judicial authorities, after voting to decide the Olympic venue in 2020, shortly after the second payment was made, from the bank account in Singapore called Black Tidings to the company in Paris, Eur 85,000 euros (about 11 million yen) of jewelry purchased by Mr. Diak was paid. Also in 2009 when Rio de Janeiro was elected as the venue for the 2016 Olympic Games, similar monetary movements have been confirmed.

There is no response from Mr. Diak regarding this matter, The Guardian wrote.

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