A magic device that anyone can easily create a magic team is cool

Drawn when using magic and magic "Magic teamSpeaking of it, although it is somewhat unknown, it is a pattern of a mystery that emerges when using magic and makes the operators look cool indeed. It is a magic team that appears in manga, animation, science fiction, etc, but as a citizen who can not use magic can easily put cool magic team out, a magic device that anyone can generate magic team will beFrisk PWithmikeI am making it.

A magic device that artificially creates the magic team made by Frisk P is kore. Things like a fan in the palm of the hand rotate, and it seems that the magic team is drawn.

Regarding this magic device, Mr. Frisk P asked mike to make it to NT Nagoya in 2016, and then told that he made his own product by diverting commercial products.

Mr. Frisk P asked him to make a magic device, he attached electronic equipment to the wheel of the bicycle and rotated, expressing illustrations and letters with lightANIPOVPeople that they are making their own. Like the ANIPOV, the magic device seems to generate a magic team by rotating the light while controlling it with the board.

The magic device created by mike was held on August 5th and 6th, 2017Maker Faier Tokyo 2017It was exhibited in.

You can see how the magic creation is generated by actually moving it. It is considerably larger than the magic device that is attached to the arm made by Frisk P, so it seems to be able to use more powerful magic.

mike has published the process of magic device on its own Twitter.

Create a design drawing ... ....

Prepare boards and parts.

Wiring each part ......

Completed temporary assembly. This rotates to create a magic team.

In addition, mike is creating a new magic device ......

Such asHachiyuki MikuIt is said that he is making a magic device of a floating version. In addition, it is said that the new magic device by mike will be exhibited at NT Nagoya 2017 on September 17.

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