Fine excel drawing to the extent of transcendental topics abroad

There are artists who stick to tools that are not used much in the world as Microsoft paint called the paint of Microsoft in the world, but there are artists who draw illustration using spreadsheet Excel instead of paint . Overseas MediaKotakuIs directed by the game scenarioEnbosHis work has been taken up and it is a hot topic.

Anime-Style Illustrations Created In Microsoft Excel

The work of Enbos is below. "Fleet Collection"Illustrations depicting Myoko are over 47,000 Retweet over 4 days from release. I am drawing an illustration using the free linear tool, and when I look at the illustration on the left, which area is Excel for a moment? It is confusing, Excel is surely used when you see the image on the right.

This is what happens when all four Myoko type four sisters are tallied.

Making of Haguro.

Enbos uploaded an Excel illustration in the past as well. The following are published in 2013.

Looking at the above illustration for each part, it looks like this. The time taken for one illustration is about 4 to 5 hours.

It seems that you can also EXILE if you copy it with Copy.

"Those with older sistersIllustrations and ... ...

The evolution process of how the illustration changed from the past is also on the way. I was grasping the face directly in front of it, the smoothness of the line increased, the life stayed in my eyes, the evolution has evolved to such an extent that it is unknown what something is unknown.

In addition, it is another Excel artist in 2008ShukeiPublished on YouTube how Mr. says drawing in Excel.

Drawing in Microsoft Excel - YouTube

Also, although the style will be different in 2016, 76-year-old Excel artist thenTatsuo HoriuchiWas talked about.

The awesome 76-year-old Japanese artist who draws paintings in Excel also talks abroad - GIGAZINE

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