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A sophisticated miniature has a charm that attracts people's mind, but a movie that anyone can make such a miniature is available on YouTube. In a movie released by Miniature producer Cath, I will explain the procedure to make violin, guitar, furniture etc.

DIY Miniature Violin (made with popsicle sticks!) - YouTube

What is introduced in the movie is a miniature violin of a size that easily rides in the palm of your hand. I am surprised to say that strings are stretched even though this is small, and even bows are fully reproduced.

The author's woman, miniature maker Cass is a person who has made miniature guitar so far.

◆ Creating a violin body
First prepare a paper sheet ... ...

The original violin draft.

Cut this out and make it a paper pattern ......

Next, I prepared a wooden stick to use when making ice at home.

I will copy the shape of the paper pattern onto the ice stick.

Cut out with a cutter along the mold ......

Once separated, take a burr with claw file.

In this way, two violin shaped boards were made.

Next used is a wooden muddler to use when stirring coffee etc.

Immerse in a bottle of water and soak it ... ...

In this way, it will be able to bend freely.

Madler who became Funafuna according to violin type ......

I bind it with rubber with a roll of gruel.

By tightening thoroughly, the strategy will fit the shape of the violin. It also leads to real violin making.

In this way, the side boards have been completed in stunning form.

At this stage, I will make an F hole to open on the tabletop. First of all, write a draft with a pencil ... ...

Drill holes with pin vise.

And shaping with a cutter.

Apply adhesive to the edge ...

Adheside the side plate.

Cut the excess part by matching the spot.

Reinforcement by adding adhesive on the inside

It has become much like a violin.

And again claw file appeared. Cut out the curve of the top board.

I also put a curve on the back plate ......

The main body is almost completed.

◆ Create neck and head
Next, create a neck and head (Peg box) that stretches thin from the body. First of all, I write the shape of characteristic scroll (spiral) on a graph paper ...

Like the body, cut out from the board of ice.

Cut the neck out of the board of ice.

Attach the two head boards to the tip of the neck so that it sits ...

Fix the tip with an instantaneous adhesive.

Next, cut off only the end part of the toothpick ... ...

Adhes to the spiral part of the peg box and shapes it.

And when you adhere to the body, the basic form of the violin is finished.

In the peg box, make a hole for inserting a peg (thread winding).

When attaching "heel" corresponding to the junction of the neck, the main body is almost completed.

◆ Painting
Once you have a body, apply violin-like paint. I use brown acrylic paint.

The atmosphere just got better with just this.

Next, this thick metal wire is used.

Paint it black and cut short with pliers ... ...

When I inserted it in the thread winding part, the atmosphere of the peg came out.

Cut the board and paint black ... ...

Set on the neck. This completes the fingerboard.

Similarly cut out a tree, drill a hole and paint the black black tailpiece.

It is a white thin thread that makes strings.

Passing four threads through the tailpiece, the appearance is already almost violin.

Cut out only the round part of the ice stick ... ...

I will make it a piece to support strings.

Pass the string through the peg ......

When fixed with adhesive ......

Completion of the violin body.

Slim a thin round bar ......

Glue it to the thread winding and paint it black ...

The peg is completed.

Even if clear coating is done as you like.

◆ Bow Production
I will make a bow where the violin body is made. What to use is a toothpick made of bamboo.

Fold the tip halfway, fix the angle by attaching adhesive in a state that it was made a naname.

Next, wear a hair box (frog) at the hand part.

Brown the pole and paint the hair box black, the appearance is completely a violin bow.

We will make bow hair using the same string as the string.

Fixing the bow hair ......

The miniature violin and the bow are completed.

Besides this, Cath's YouTube channelThe Square to SpareThe movie making guitar is most popular, and miniature houses and methods of making miniatures reproducing the furniture of IKEA etc are released to the public.

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