Matsuya of "Beef Cattle" went to "Pine Town Chinese Restaurant" launched Chinese cuisine

Matsuya known as "Beef Misashi", a Chinese restaurant as a new business style "Songshan Chinese Restaurant"The first store is opened near the Keio Line · Chitose Osan station. In the meantime, I went to eat what kind of location this shop is so popular that it takes steps to change business hours.

Songshan Chinese Restaurant | Group Stores | Matsuya Foods

Open new shop "Songshan Chinese restaurant" opened! | Matsuya Foods

When going to the west (westward in the photo) on the north side of the Keio Line · Chitose Osan Station ...

It is "Pine Town Chinese Restaurant" in the corner lane. Business hours are "from 11 o'clock to 2 o'clock in the morning," but for the time being it is shortened for lunch time · 11 am to 15:30 and dinner time · 17 o'clock to 23 o'clock.

When entering the store and receiving a menu, the announcement that "selling some menus is suspended" was plugged in.

When I flip through the menu, certainly "dinner only" and is written as "sales will start from around mid-September" goods there were several.

There are also set meals, but this time we ordered three of the representative menu of Chinese restaurant, "Chashued noodle (630 yen)", "6 dumplings (230 yen)" "hand-made karaage (430 yen)" . All prices are exclusive of tax.

The ramen pot contains a logo of "pine tree".

Chashu, 4 slices, green onion, menma, chashued noodles with glue. I was waiting for a little dumpling and the glue had sunk in the soup, but it crispy as I came.

Noodles are orthodox middle-sized noodles, Kosi is strong. The soup is lightly soy sauce base, and the noodles are also slippery at last.

Chashu is not thin or thick, but it is very softly simmered. It was an impression that it is a light ramen that you can get into a stomach even when you are in a hurry, rather than saying "full with fullness".

On the other hand this fried chicken is a heap of this. Lettuce is laid in the dish, but a large chunk is rumbling.

Fluffy clothing is crisp. It is quite something that the 400 yen range is now.

Dumplings are meat center, I do not feel the tightness of the smell like garlic or chives. People looking for punchy dumplings may not think enough, but if you eat it together with lunch set meals, this seems to be just right.

By the way, sauce mixes vinegar · soy sauce · rice oil myself and makes it.

There was no part to make Matsuya color feeling, and I received the impression that it is a Chinese restaurant with a very orthodox menu. Although I feel that the kitchen is still busy, I felt somewhat slow of dumpling offering, but since it is not stronger than the "dumpling king general" which would become a competitor, it is an impression that it is easy for lunch to enter.

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