Measures against global warming in Los Angeles that paint the road white and lower the average temperature 3 degrees

Even in Japan, when it's at its height in summer, there are times when you are struck by stupid heat and strangely convinced that this is global warming, but in the United StatesA situation in which an airplane can not fly due to a hot summerHowever,Cookies burn in hot weather carsIt is reported that the news report is reported, and it is attacked by the heat exceeding the expectation of Japan. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles where the sun shines with san, efforts are being made to reflect the sunlight by painting the road white, to relieve the rise in urban temperature.

To guard against climate change, Los Angeles is painting its streets white | Popular Science

This measure was launched by the City of Los Angeles, which is hit hard during the summer season, and the plan is being aimed at lowering the summer temperature by 3 degrees C for the next 20 years. The city is suffering from the "heat island phenomenon" which we often hear in Japan, especially at the level where the rise in temperature in the central part is abnormal. The reason is that plants such as street trees and the like which brings a shadow to the urban area are few, the skyscrapers that store heat are forested, and the ground is covered with black asphalt so that the whole city has a structure absorbing heat It is considered to be.

Therefore, it is planned that Los Angeles City is advancing to mitigate the heat island phenomenon with the idea of ​​"painting the road white". The plan has already been put into practice, and it is published on Twitter that the city's road authorities are painting a special white paint on the road.

This paint is called "CoolSeal" of GuardTop, and it is said that it is actually a light gray color. Originally developed for the military, it is a special paint to keep the heat of the reconnaissance aircraft by painting on the ground of the airport and to prevent it from being caught by the infrared camera even if it infiltrates the enemy places.

Paint the paint on the ground from the tank truck as shown in the picture below,rakeYou can see that it is spreading with something like.

The black surface of the asphalt has changed into a beautifully white color. It is a plan that seemed fantastic outside, but when you hear that military technology is being diverted, it is strange that a strange trust feeling is born.

In fact, in order to suppress the heat generation of the whole city, it should be applied not only to the road but also to the roof of the house and the wall of the building, but it seems that the plan is being promoted from the road first. Indeed, how much durability on the road through which many cars pass, how much budget it will take, how much actual effect will be, only worldwide unanimous plans over the world Attention is likely to gather from. Los Angeles mayor Mayor Gargetti said about the climate change problem that the Earth faces, "This is an urgent challenge and is beyond personal problems Climate change is caused by people living in Los Angeles and other cities, It is a fact in the lives of people all over the world to send ", opposing the withdrawal of Paris by the Trump regimestatementI am talking in.

Meanwhile, the measure "paint the city white" was not the first appearance, and in 2009, he was advocated by Stephen Chu who was a recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics and who served as Secretary of Energy of the United States of America.

In order to stop global warming, the world roof should be painted white, and the Nobel laureate advocated by the Physics Prize - GIGAZINE

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