Slow motion movie that destroys colas and wine glasses with self-made super high power metal BB bullet air gun

How will the target be destroyed when a high pressure is applied to a pneumatic gun that jets a ball with the pressure of air and a metal BB bullet is released by a high pressure in a tank for scuba diving? Movie made into slow motion video "EXPERIMENT 4000 PSI BB Gun"Is published on YouTube. Although it is nearly imaginary result, it seems that the thing is destroyed is a mysterious picture unique to slow motion.

EXPERIMENT 4000 PSI BB Gun || Cause I Can - YouTube

An object like a metal cylinder.

You can see 4 straw like barrels.

I put it in a cylinder ... ....

Firmly fixed.

I use BB bullet made of metal.

Stuff BB bullet thoroughly in the cylinder ... ...

I firmly tightened the lid.

A special gun that releases a metal BB bullet applies pressure using a tank for scuba diving. The pressure is 4000 psi (about 28 MPa).

The first target is a coke in a can.

When BB bullets are fired with a countdown of "3, 2, 1" ...

A cola can splashed while bursting.

A can of cola that was blown away without survival.

There is a hole in the cushion behind the cola.

Also on the back side. Metal BB bullet seems to have penetrated.

A trail of bullets also on the plywood that was at the end of the cushion.

The plywood board also penetrated, and a hole was also opened in the paper package which was in the back.

Looking at slow motion, when the can of the first cola bursts and bursts ... ...

The BB bullet burst also in the can of the second and subsequent cola.

Due to the carbonation, the internal pressure was high, the cans of the cola broke up like splashing one after another.

Subsequently, a gypsum board 4 cm thick.

When launched, visibility deteriorates as smoke spreads.

The first speech was revived.

However, when BB bullets start waving attacks ......

Gradually draw in ... ...

The gypsum board was destroyed at a level that smoke quickly.

The result is more obvious than looking at fire, but trying on six arranged wine glasses.

Surprisingly the first spell has been rebounced.

However, when the first wine glass is destroyed in response to repeated BB bullets ......

The BB bullet started to reach the second wine glass ... ...

One after another, the glass breaks and the debris scatters.

The unique image of slow motion, such as the state that the stem (leg) of the splashing wine glass was hit in the air and crushed, was quite interesting.

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