Cancer virus therapy to kill only the worst brain cancer cancer cells with dicavirus will be developed

It is known that there is a risk that a newborn will suffer from microcephaly if a pregnant woman is infected with the virus causing the feverDicavirus"American researchers succeeded in utilizing it for cancer viral therapy that aims killing only" glioblastoma "cells which are difficult to treat from the growth mechanism and are feared as one of the worst cancer types.

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Zika feverIs an infection caused by dicavirus, and the infection route is known to be a virus-mediating mosquito. When pregnant women develop jika fever, the relevance that neonates suffer from microcephaly is strongly inferred, and many small microcephalic neonates were born in 2016 when the outbreak of jikka fever centered on South America occurred It became a global problem.

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Jika fever without an effective vaccine, research results that use dicavirus to cure malignant brain tumor has been announced at the Journal of Experimental Medicine in the journal Science Journal and has received great reaction.

Collaborative research group of University of Washington and University of California San Diego is one of malignant brain tumors by dicavirusGlioblastomaSucceeded with the mouse in the demonstration experiment that kills everything. Glial cell-derived brain / neural tumorGlioma (glioma)Is not only extremely proliferative ability but also has invasiveness that spreads so as to penetrate into the brain so it is difficult to distinguish the boundary between normal cells and malignant tumor and if total orchiectomy or radiotherapy It is known as a difficult, worst brain tumor.

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Dr. Michael Diamond et al. 'S group of studies confirmed that the brain tumor remarkably decreased after 2 weeks by direct injection of dicaka virus into the brain tumor of the mouse who developed glioblastoma. It is also known that mice injected with dicavirus have a significantly longer survival time compared to the target group injected with saline rather than dicalvirus.

In addition, it was confirmed that even if dicavirus was injected into a brain tumor, it did not cause side effects on brain cells, but attacked only glioblastoma. It is believed that dicavirus does not cause huge damage to the adult brain and causes damage to the neonatal brain because it attacks stem cells abundantly contained in the neonatal brain. Researchers speculate that dicavirus, which attacks stem cells, selectively attacked the proliferating glioblastoma stem cells at vigorous speed, and the growth of glioblastoma was killed.

Cancer therapy utilizing the fact that virus kills cancer cellsCancer virus therapy) Itself is not uncommon, but the finding that dicavirus attacks the worst brain tumor, the glioblastoma, may greatly advance the development of therapeutic methods for glioblastoma that have not been addressed. Dr. Diamond wishes to begin clinical trials to attack glioblastoma with dicavirus within 18 months.

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