Ford collaborated with Domino Pizza to test the delivery of pizza in an automated driving car on-site

Complete 'complete automatic driving car' with neither handle nor pedal by 2021Ford, a car manufacturer aiming to do that, announced that it will carry out field tests to "pizza home delivery" using automated driving cars in cooperation with Domino Pizza.

How Pizza Is Helping Us Design Our Self-Driving Future

The target of the test is a randomly chosen Domino Pizza customer living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It seems that there is not too much concern for the movement itself from the store of Domino Pizza to the delivery destination itself, the initial focus of the test is "last 50 feet", how the customer reacts to the new delivery style It is to see whether to do.

"How do people react and show how they react to the automatic driving car that brought pizza?" "When you receive pizza, the automatic driving car stops at the curbstone and should you be brought to the customer, Do the driving cars need to get in front of the garage? "" Does the customer know which side of the car the pizza is on? "" There is no delivery person ringing the bell when the delivery arrives, how do I get there "What is the best interface to get a pizza?"

However, in Ford, we will collaborate with partner companies like Domino Pizza to answer each question one by one and think about car design to provide an "user friendly user experience".

It seems to be delivering pizza like this.

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