A dedicated atelier that is chosen and the customer visits to order "only one Rolls-Royce in the world"

When purchasing a car, you can choose the body color, interior color, wheel design etc. In addition, depending on the car you can customize the color of the stitching (seams) of the sheet and interior, you can raise your favorite one I can do it. However, it seems that it is possible to customize different dimensions if Rolls · Royce is such a luxury car brand of the world's highest customization. In the customized room "Henry Royce Atelier" only for limited customers, we can choose the color and material of everything on the car body, and by listening to customer's requests up to the details, we can literally "only one in the world "Rolls-Royce can be built up.

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Rolls-Royce holds a bespoke dedicated atelier "Rolls-Royce Commission Suite" to guide Nick Osi de Segwaart who oversees North America and Europe in the Rolls-Royce bespoke section.

In the room, there are goods and furnishings with Rolls-Royce emblems, and a calm atmosphere.

The customer who visited the atelier is first guided by the area where color samples are placed on this wall.

It is possible to pick out the color of your choice while looking at the actual color sample painted on about 100 colors. In the case of general passenger cars, since the color that can be chosen is at most about 10 colors, as is expected in many of these options. This is also a unique advantage of Rolls-Royce, which adopts the bispoke method where production is started after ordering.

By shaping it to resemble a body line, it is supposed to grasp the image of the change in color.

In addition, drawers under the color sample also have different color samples. This is a sample for seeing the color choice when painting the body in two colors.

First, choose the color of the top of the body from the top board ......

From the drawer, choose the color of the body side and bottom.

And if you coalesce two ... ...

Such a color sample is completed. Because Rolls-Royce is often painted with body color in this way, it is supposed to grasp the image of the completed vehicle well. In this atelier, we can check the pattern of 44,000 colors, but if customer's requested, we can prepare original original by preparing the original color.

Checking the color is not the end of this. Next, confirm using a special lighting that can change the color.

First check the color with pure white light ......

Next, turn the lighting knob to change the color to orange.

Then, by changing the height of the lighting, it is confirmed how the appearance changes depending on the difference in intensity of sunlight.

In this way, you can preview how your future cars will look in various situations and you can choose out to your heart's content.

When using the bespoke service, it is also possible to apply the original design to the vehicle. An example of this is listed on the board.

Based on ideas gathered from customers, it is possible to create a design and reflect it on the car body.

Next, we will customize the interior. In the case of Rolls-Royce where most of the room is custom made with luxurious leather, it is possible to freely select up to the leather used and the color and material of the thread to be sewn together.

In addition to general cowhide leather, leather such as crocodile and ostrich can also be chosen.

And you can also embroider an original design embroidery on the interior. As expected there is no general car that makes this possible, it can be said to be a unique service of Rolls-Royce class.

It is also possible to specify the material and color of the details. We hit everything we wanted here and build a convincing one.

It is also possible to make the color of the handle two tone. The contrast between navy and mandarin orange is a very beautiful combination.

Such customization is not limited to the vehicle body.

Rolls-Royce's vehicle is equipped with a space to hold an umbrella on the rear door, and it is possible to customize the color of a dedicated umbrella for that.

Rolls-Royce seems to enter an unusual experience from the time of ordering the car.

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