Seven advantages that occur in the body when you stop drinking

ByJohnny Silvercloud

When you drink alcohol you can feel relaxed and feel good and have a good time, but if you drink alcohol becomes a habit, alcohol may have a negative effect on your health. Excessive drinking too has risks of life-threatening cancer, but if you do not drink alcohol, the seven effects that appear in your body are explained.

What Happens To Your Body When You Quit Drinking Alcohol

◆ 1: get better sleeping

ByVi Khoa Duong

Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences of University of Melbourne published in 2015Study on alcoholismAccording to alcohol, alcohol has a nature to interfere with sleeping, it causes waking up at night and being irritated and feeling stressful, and sleepiness may continue in the day. Stop drinking improves the quality of sleep at night, so scientifically proved that you will be able to awake and spend the day refreshed.

◆ 2: The risk of developing cancer decreases

ByNational Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI)

It is a well-known fact that too much alcohol drinking adversely affects the liver, but according to the National Cancer Institute of America, there is a possibility of causing breast cancer, head and neck cancer, esophagus cancer, and colon cancer . People who drink alcohol on a daily basis can keep five cancer risks, including liver cancer, away, just by giving away alcohol.

◆ 3: Become saving

Instead of buying a bottle of wine of 1,000 yen per one, clearly it will save you money if you can buy water or carbonated water for several hundred yen. If you drink alcohol at a bar it will cost more than 500 yen for a cup of cup and in some cases you will pay a few hundred yen with a glass of carbonated water.

◆ 4: I will not eat too much

ByJamie McCaffrey

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (National Institute for Alcohol Dependence and Alcoholism)InvestigationSo, even though it observes the moderate alcohol consumption, while drinking the liquor has been found that the greater the amount you eat than those who do not drink liquor.

◆ 5: Become a diet

ByTanvir Alam

The fourth saying "To eat too much if you drink" means that if you do not drink alcohol you will eat a proper amount of nature. Junk food such as pizza is a good companion for sake, but a food database site "MyFitnessPalAccording to Frozen Margarita, 300 kcal per sheet and 23 g of sugar are included. Also, depending on the type of cocktail, it may contain the same level of calories as meal, so you can cut unnecessary calories if you do not drink.

◆ 6: The skin becomes clean


VogueExplains about drinking alcohol causing dehydration and inflammation and serious damage to your skin. Stopping drinking not only gives the skin a feeling of freshness, it seems that the color of the skin will also improve as the number of broken blood vessels decreases. Also, people who drink at the same age for more than 20 years and those who do not like may seem to have a difference between years of 10 years or older, and it is also possible to reduce the rate of aging if you do not drink.

◆ 7: The reflux of stomach acid decreases

ByJD Hancock

American National Library of MedicineAnnouncementAccording to alcohol, alcohol may relax the muscles of the stomach and esophagus, which may easily cause backflow of stomach acid, "Gastroesophageal reflux disease(GERD) "may be the risk of developing the risk. If symptoms such as heartburn continue for a long time, trying to reduce alcohol may improve it.

As you can see, various benefits can be gained by not drinking like this, but those who continued to drink do not feel shaky, insomnia, insecurity, anxiety, depression, sweating, etc. in the days after abstinence You may be bothered by various withdrawal symptoms. However, after a week I will be able to feel the benefits of abstinence by my body.

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