How much does eye contact feel uncomfortable when looking at it?

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Joining line of sight and line of sight "eye contact"Is the basis of communication and is considered a basic rule for conversation. Research results are published on whether such "proper length" exists for such eye contacts, and how long it is appropriate to keep in mind if it exists.

Gaze preference and pupil response | Open Science

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It is one of the open access journalsROYAL SOCIETY OPEN SCIENCEIn the study "Pupil dilation as an index of preferred mutual gaze duration" announced above, the proper length for eye contact was investigated. In the research, I showed a movie of an actor who gazed at the screen on 498 volunteers and asked me to push the button at the timing when that gaze became uncomfortable, "I will explore the timing when eye contact becomes unpleasant Experiment called "It was done.

In addition to the timing of pressing the button in the experiment, such as the expansion of the movement and the pupil of the line of sight of the volunteers have been recorded by making full use of eye-tracking technology.

The following movies were actually used in experiments, with SHORT about 1 second, MEDIUM about 3 seconds, LONG about 8 seconds, we are off our eyes. It is possible to actually try out at which timing the gaze will become uncomfortable.

How long can you make eye contact before things start to get uncomfortable? - YouTube

The ideal time for eye contact varies from person to person, but seeing how quickly the subject's pupil has spread is a good indicator of how long people want to make eye contact, says researcher I am talking. Expansion of the pupil occurs when a person reflexively sees another thing, and it is time for eye contact to be exactly right to remove the line of sight before this happens. In fact, in our experiments we are using eye tracking software to capture the pupil dilation that is too small a change to see with human eyes.

The graph below shows the population distribution of "PGD (preferred eye contact time)". According to experiments, the timing of eye contact becoming uncomfortable is 3.3 seconds on average, there are errors of plus or minus 0.7 seconds depending on the person.

Although it is an eye contact which may be unpleasant even if it is too long or too short it is eye conscious of being too conscious of looking at the eyes and it makes you feel uncomfortable even if you look too much, so while removing the gaze moderately It seems to be important to communicate.

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