The worst case happens that smart lock fails to be unlocked due to an update failure

The Smart Lock "RemoteLock LS - 6i" of Wi - Fi connection type that Airbnb recommends to use also causes some users to unlock the door due to the failure of wireless firmware update There was a problem.

Smart lock vendor accidentally bricks its own locks through firmware update - The Verge

Faulty Firmware Auto-Update Breaks Hundreds of 'Smart Locks'

"RemoteLock LS-6i" is a smart lock of $ 469 (about 50,000 yen) that can be unlocked by entering a number. By using "temporary number" that can be issued from a dedicated application, it has a function that can manage the unlocking of doors other than the principal,Partner of AirbnbIt is also chosen. LockState which develops this RemoteLock LS - 6i performed a firmware update for some models, but a "fatal error" occurred when a different model update was sent, and LockState 's web It was said that it became unable to connect to the server.

As a result, the RemoteLock LS - 6i does not function properly, and the user can not unlock the door. Since this problem can not be solved remotely, the user needs to remove RemoteLock LS - 6i and send it to LockState. As compensation for damaged users, LockState is responsible for shipping charges for malfunctioning products and also grants a one-year paid premium service. Although the worst problem occurred though "It is impossible to unlock the smart lock", the worst problem occurred, but the user will be kept waiting at least 5 to 7 business days before receiving the repaired product Become.

The number of users who have experienced problems in this case is estimated to be about 500 people.

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