Headline News of August 16, 2017

movies"Wonder Woman"Japan's public exhibition has approached as Friday, August 25, 2017. In line with "World's Strongest Super Heroine" Wonder Woman, an event where a wrestler, Yoshida Sha Ri, also known as a primate's strongest girl, won the Wonder Woman cosplay and was held in Nagoya.

Nagoya has a height of about 6 meters, there are "Nana chan dolls" that are also known for collaborating with various works, but this time it is this Nana chan doll, Yoshida san, and a dub version Mr. Arai Arai, a child actor in charge of the girls' season of Wonder Woman, became a cosplay that was complete.

Dub version Other Mr. Arai, Yuko the Wonder Woman after growth Kaida ( "Gintama" Tsukuyomi Auditor / "Mobile Suit Gundam UC" Marida Auditor / "TIGER & BUNNY" Agnes role), Steve play of Chris Pine Daisuke Ono Mr. ( "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders" Sorajo UketamawaTaro Auditor / "Attack on Titan" Erwin leader role / "warriors of the space Battleship Yamato 2202 love" Susumu Kodai role), Ryoko's the mother of Wonder Woman Sakakibara ( "Helsing" integral role / "Mobile Suit Z Gundam" Haman Khan Auditor / "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind" Kushana role), Rika's the strongest shogun Antiope Fukami ( "Sailor Moon" Sailor Venus Auditor / Angelina · Jolly and Hull · Berry dubbing) are supposed to perform. Sakakibara san, Mr. Arai, Mr. Kaida, Ono-san, Fukami from the left in the image below.

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

Catastrophe that slosh the robot vacuum cleaner rumba is a pet droppings on one side floor in the world occur - GIGAZINE

"SPACEPLAN" game where the sun changes into a black hole just by clicking and it swallows everything and seeing the end of the universe - GIGAZINE

10 boys and giant creatures that once prospered but also extinct - GIGAZINE

"World, this is a mobile in Japan" can be carried only · World's smallest electric car "WalkCar" - GIGAZINE

Tokyo seen from the aircraft's cockpit - Movie summarizing the beautiful scenery of San Francisco in only 83 seconds - GIGAZINE

I really eaten by going to the "clairvoyance" chilli cold Chinese style champagne with a powerful force - GIGAZINE

Movie that understands the situation before and after a stall explosion accident at "Dokkoise Fukuchiyama fireworks display" - GIGAZINE

Film "Pacific Rim" Guillermo del Toro's awesome sketch collection - GIGAZINE

How much money is needed to become a "dark knight" Batman? - GIGAZINE

I tried lined up in "Hirakata Frozen Ice" in the scorching sun to eat the large squid shade ice using pure ice - GIGAZINE

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【PDF file】world's first! Elucidation of the molecular mechanism of "disease from mind" - How does killer stress bring about digestive tract diseases and sudden death? (Professor Genetic Disease Control Research Institute Professor Masaki Murakami) (PDF)

Mechanism of "Disease from mind", Elucidation with mouse Hokkaido Univ .: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The team gave the mouse chronic stress such as sleep deprivation. Of the mice, about 70% of mice in which blood vessels immune cells that attack their nerve cells suddenly died in about a week. On the other hand, mice that only gave stress or mice that only received immune cells did not die.

72 statisticians are saying to set p-value threshold from 0.05 to 0.005 in a joint name. : Fallen Physicist, Rising Engineer

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Mr. Trump, "There is a non-existence of both people" in collision of white supremists: Asahi Shimbun Digital

KKK side, thank Mr. Trump Mr. Obama also mentioned discrimination: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Rabies vaccine, 'cheap' spread veterinarian society protests, why: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Fukuoka Prefectural Police: Bark to the beach! Sea bread criminal preservation alert while - Mainichi Newspaper

Injuries due to accident "Impossible to return to work is illegal" Former employee, suing Nitto Denko in response: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Why can not Mr. Donut sell? Decrease in sales by 10% 86 Decrease: Dishes for breakfast

Increase of elementary school student's homeless in NY, report of fear of one in seven pictures 1 international news: AFPBB News

CNN.co.jp: Suicide bombing terror in Nigeria, the number of executing offenders of 30 death women increases - (1/2)

Middle-aged man who beckons to girls high school students exposed to lower body Hita City Oita prefecture of the night - West Nippon Shimbun

U.S. authorities, anti-government demonstration host website Visitor information provision request More than 1.3 million people 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

To raise the rental price of the ekiben "tawme" greatly due to record failure | NHK News

Philippine police killed 21 people overnight in the "war on drugs eradication" The largest number of photographs in the past 1 international news: AFPBB News

Chinese government's "Severeest milk powder policy in history" Nestle umbrella Klim etc. Can not be imported Photo 1 International News: AFPBB News

Isetan Mitsukoshi, "T point" withdrawal ... Results do not rise: Economy: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

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Bicycle 's "Hub Hair" It turned out to be a turning point ...: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Popular in-car trips ... Tips to spend comfortably: Teach reading channels: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE) 1/3

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Try pixiv PAY at Comiket. I also understood the ambitions of the future, but it's too serious to be absolutely popular, is not it? This: Sazanami disintegration

Since pixiv PAY costs around 5% + monthly transfer fee 200 - 300 yen to the settlement fee, the commission is too high in the small circle so you do not want to use it.
Since it is necessary to input and issue QR code and check between terminals, in a major circle it takes time to settle, so you do not want to use it.

It became the conclusion that neither the top nor the bottom is easy to use as it is.
It may be unavoidable that the fee will be higher as the price of a doujinshine is a small amount such as 500 yen, but I can not use the QR code when looking at functions, I can not remit between individuals, VISA and MASTER It is inconvenient overall because it can not be used.
It is truly amazed at pixiv's incompetence that the open beta test feeling is high at present but it does not disclose the road map looking for the future though.

Yarman's stock diary: Today's VALU series of flows.

You tuber plan bankruptcy in VALU, criticized also the person is coin earn fellow is killing in the insider - without even get things today Z

Since insider who was VALU is out in the stock market out, let us explain why it is out as possible:

It is ants that "I sell a price declared declaring" I have good things (preferential treatment) "and I sell the price rising? I think that it is where anyone is concerned about, but if this is a stock market it is unexpectedly out. It is already super out. It is overkill with just about the momentum that all the pennant race games will end automatically automatically with that out.

If something similar to this case was done in the stock market, at least the two forbidden acts "dissemination of the rumor" and "insider trading" are almost certainly caught.

Wantedly (Wanted Lee) 's IPO is so amazing, so consideration | INST blog

Detect stealthy cross-process injection method with Windows Defender ATP: Process Hallowing and AtomBombing - Japanese Security Team

Introduction to image processing by python - Blog of Shimosu

I tried challenging RoboHon's phantom face recognition function with the tool "tensorflow-pi" which can easily try deep learning with TensorFlow on Raspberry Pi - karaage.

What would you do if you received slander that is contrary to facts on the net? It is easy to try. Loss of libel ... (Kazuko Ito) to Mr. Nobuo Ikeda - Individual - Yahoo! News

Explain the international conference of natural language processing system miscellaneous - Qiita

Moritron Co., Ltd., the representative director of "Ganbare Morikawa Kimi No. 2" Morikawa Yukito is Japan's first game specialized AI company - Koba Roku

Mod_auth_openidc makes Apache HTTP Server OpenID Connect Relying Party - Infrastructure Engineer way - Powered by HEARTBEATS

Linux Note: try out the commands (glances, ctop, gtop, htop, vtop, cpustat) that could be used instead of top - also diary

【PC version Nico Nico video】 Added posting date to search refinement function | Nico Nico Info

Colorization at CNN - Manjobi diary

Travel around Europe Prepaid SIM 'Three' experience report and how to use - 100 world heritage with miles! A travel note

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"MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT BANDIT FLOWER" trailer ("Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt BANDIT FLOWER" worldwide simultaneous public trailer) - YouTube

Sympathy for daily life with cats "Kitten's Chie" popular in France: Asahi Shimbun Digital

【C92 / Comiket】 Is it a violation of manners to make a "new publication exchange" when a writer circles a circle greeting? # C92 # Comiket - Togetter Summary

Ship this Arcade August Attached Vessel Introduction Video - YouTube

About the game balance of Splatoon 2 I also want to present a word - Towel gymnastics

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"Sparks" notice - YouTube

Screenplay / Yukihi Mitani Yukihime drama "Fuunko Children ~ Ran Kagaku Revolution Hen" Production Start | New Year's Era | NHK Drama

Thinking back to the 2013 Japanese series of Hoshino 's Majikichi thread: Insane @ N

[Sad news] Giancarlo Stanton, surprised by a surprising face confrontation after overstriking the home run: Nanjiashi stadium @ N J summary

"Imagawa Ruin" ~ Mr. Shinken's Devil's Degree, Takeda-Tokugawa's Strange Alliance, etc. - Togetter Summary

Impression that I saw NHK "Fright Record Imphal" "Muta Koya is President of the Modern Black Company" # Imphal Operation # NHK Special - Togetter Summary

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Fried buttery soy sauce set chicken set new release! | Matsuya Foods

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