"Kemono Friends" Public "Saito" visits Tokyo racecourse as a special image "Keikyu Jyou" released

TV animation that was broadcasted in January to March 2017 and gained popularity "Beast Friends"JRA's collaboration project"Horse's friends"As a new work image," Speed ​​Video "Keikyu Jyou" has been released.

Friends of a horse | Umabi - This holiday is a good time.

Supesharu Movie "Keiji Jyou" - YouTube

Japalibus came to a place with a big building

Rush into the building as it is

The party will meet a new friends, "Thoroughbred Aokage" here. By the way it looks like the ninja of the mask, but not "blue shadow" but "blue fur", a kind of thoroughbred coat color.

This is "Friends of Thoroughbred" Friends.

"Thoroughbred chestnut" which was scraping poly-poly and pellets in the stable.

In a racecourse where big trees are growing in the stand, I decided to run for a while.

...... It was a new work by collaboration with "JRA x Genome Friends". There are striking things for the collaboration whirlwind of "Kemono Friends" including Tobu animals park.

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