Several cable television companies restrained the developers of software that sees fee-based programs for free and interrogated for 9 hours

Representatives of cable television companies who complained to developers of applications that make it possible to watch the contents of pay broadcasting without permission had to enter the developer's home and interrogated nine hours until midnight to seize the PC and the like It was revealed.

Cable giants step up piracy battle by interrogating Montreal software developer and searching his home - Business - CBC News

The problem software is an add-on named "TVAddons" that allows you to watch content broadcast on a paid channel for free by installing it on a PC or Android TV compatible device. Canadian cable TV companies such as Bell, Rogers and Quebecor's Videotron filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against software developer Adam Lakman, complaining that copyright was infringed by TVAddons on Federal Court on June 2, 2017 did. In addition, the complaint seems to have attached a list of popular programs that can be watched free by TVAddons, such as Game of Thrones and Sportsnet.

At the trial, Mr. Lakman insists that "it is not just hosting pirated content, but rather acting like a" search engine "that connects users to sources available on-line, I am fighting.

One week after the filing of the lawsuit, on June 9, 2017, the plaintiffs' cable TV companies,Anton Piller OrderTo the judge and on behalf of 8:00 am on June 12, the plaintiff 's agents visited Mr. Luckman' s home in order to search for and seize the relevant evidence. In addition, there is no possibility of destroying the evidence and not contacting in advance in searching for your home.

According to Mr. Lakman, two computer technicians, a lawyer representing each company, and an independent lawyer other than those who came to the search. The lawyers told Mr. Lakman that "We are not allowed to refuse answers to questions," and said that they had made an inquiry for more than 9 hours. Mr. Rakman, who was released at dinner, was able to talk with his own lawyer, but Mr. Lakman's attorney at the interrogation after dinner was refused. Mr. Lakman says, "The experience at that time was horrible, it's like happening in the Soviet Union."

In addition, not only seized the Rakuman's personal belongings, such as a PC or a mobile phone, things that it has requested to deliver a social media account and password. After all, representatives our cable television companies, seems to have to stay in the home of Mr. Rakuman over a period of 16 hours.

According to Mr. Lacman's appeal that there was a serious misconduct in the process of seizure of evidence items using Anton Piller Order, the court acknowledged "Seizure was illegal on June 29, 2017". The judge ordered the Anton Piller Order to be invalid and ordered all items confiscated by the plaintiff to be returned to Mr. Lakman. According to the records of the court, it is certified that illegal search continued until late night, during the interrogation, there was no protection to be given to the defendant and it was in an unfair state.

In addition, the judge said that "The most serious doubt is that the plaintiff's lawyer has asked defendants to teach the information of those using TVAddons, the purpose of Anton Piller Order is to preserve the existing evidence There is nothing to search for new evidence. "

Since plaintiffs appealed the court's order as "invalidating Anton Piller Order", the goods seized under Mr. Lakman at the time of writing were not returning. Smart & Biggar of the law firm acting as an agent of the plaintiff replies "I will not comment on this matter at the present time" against CBC News. By the way, Mr. Luckman is looking for funds to fight unjust litigation in the cloud funding site Indiegogo.

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