What you need to succeed a Mediterranean diet and become healthy is actually 'money' and 'culture'

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"Mediterranean diet" to eat mainly vegetables and olive oil (Mediterranean diet) Is a meal style that has been literally continued in the Mediterranean area for a long time and has been taken up as a magazine, a television, and the net as having a positive influence on health. However, according to research that investigated the actual situation, it is clear that many people who actually got health through this diet law are biased towards wealthy and highly educated people.

The Moli - Sani Project, a randomized, ... | Iacoviello | Italian Journal of Public Health

The Mediterranean diet works for the wealthy and well-educated - Quartz

This study was conducted at the "Moli-Sani Project" conducted by the team of scientists in Italy, and we are investigating the health status of about 19,000 people aged 35 or older. As a result, the risk of cardiovascular health condition is improved by an average of 15% of people, which means that it corresponds to a two-stage improvement when corrected to a measure representing health condition.

However, as we continued the detailed survey, it is becoming clear that there is "disparity" in the effect. As a result of breaking down the target with factors of wealth and education level, the same risk was improved by 57% if it was for those who received education after secondary education, and the annual income is 40,000 euros (about 5.2 million yen ) Or more, it is clear that the improvement rate has actually reached as much as 61%. On the other hand, it was said that this effect was not seen among people ranked socioeconomically low.

Mary Laura Bonaccio, an epidemiologist and an epidemiologist, said about the reason for that difference, "It can not be healthy simply by adhering to the Mediterranean diet method appropriately. Although it is thought that there are more important factors than the amount and number of food ingredients, one of them is seen as "the quality of food ingredients".

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The Mediterranean diet is a style of reducing fish and dairy products, the amount of meat, and taking foods centered on plants, but because the regulations are not so detailed, there is a large gap between people depending on the actual dietary content It exists. Even in this survey, the content was said to have been recognized by socioeconomic strata, and the higher the level of education received, the more the type of vegetables being consumed is increased and the total grain and organic It is known that I eat a lot of vegetables.

In addition, it is also clear that higher education levels were taking foods containing a lot of monounsaturated fats, such as olive oil, and foods rich in calcium, vitamin D, and fiber. On the other hand, wealthy people with high incomes know that they eat less whole grain bread, fruits, nuts, fish, and meat than low-income groups.

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It is unclear why income and education level affect health status alone in this study in Italy alone,A similar investigation conducted in the United StatesHowever, it is clear that it is clear that there is a case in nutrient intake situation depending on economic conditions.

About this result, Mr. Bonaccio said, "People who belong to socioeconomically high positions are concerned about what foods they normally eat, and material resources that can realize a healthier diet style It is reasonable to think that you have a lot of people. "

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