I tried drinking "Freezing cold coffee" of Cafe · Veloce which froze and steadily when pouring

Cafe · Veloce is probably the first in the country as ice coffee, freezing ice coffee cooled to minus 5 degrees "Freezing cold coffee (freezing cold coffee)Since I started on August 1, 2017, I went to a store to see how much it freezes.

~ "First domestic", minus 5 degrees ice coffee cooled to subzero ~ freezing cold coffee freezing cold coffee released
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Hello, this is Yamada. It is finally the first time from today! ! I will sell minus 5 degree subzero ice coffee "freezing cold coffee". Handling shops are limited to 3 stores, Cafe · Veloce Nankeikebukuro 1-chome store, Ginza Miyuki Dori store, Tenjin 1 chome store. Also, it will be sold only for 50 books a day from 11: 00. Selling price 250 yen (tax included) Please relish by all means! !

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Cafe · Veloce is offering stores in various places, but only three stores, "Freezing cold coffee" dealing with Miyuki Dori Ginza store, Minami Ikebukuro 1 chome store, Fukuoka Tenjin 1 chome store. This time we visited the Miyuki Street shop in Ginza.

The sales period is limited to one month from August 1 to August 31, and also limited to 50 cups per day, limited edition items.

When you place an order, you will receive a cup of ice and a small coffee with a small plastic bottle.

According to "How to enjoy", when opening the cap of a plastic bottle and pouring it to the cup slowly so as to hit the ice, the coffee will become frozen.

That is why it was a cup with ice.

Actually, I tried coffee as slowly as possible.

Freezing Cafe Veloce's "Freezing Cold Coffee" - YouTube

When I hit the ice it certainly got a coffee sherbet born there. As I move away from the ice, it will not gradually become a sorbet, so it seems to be difficult to make a "coffee sherbet" with every single circle, but I can do a certain amount of sorbet.

Lift it up with a straw like this. By becoming a sherbet, although it seems that bitterness is relaxed somewhat, because it is sugar-free coffee, there is no sweetness unlike the coffee taste of ice cream, with the feeling that "cool bitterness spreads", I wake up There is such a sense.

The part sticking to the ice was pretty close to sticking.

In addition, the price is 250 yen including tax and can not take out.

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