Research report that it relates to chronic fatigue syndrome and cytokines causing inflammation

Strong fatigue of unknown cause lasts for a long period of timeChronic fatigue syndrome"It is difficult to distinguish merely from fatigue and there is discussion as to whether it is a symptom due to disease in the first place. Researchers at Stanford University "cause chronic fatigue syndrome and" inflammation "CytokineThere is a possibility that it can elucidate the mechanism of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Cytokine signature associated with disease severity in chronic fatigue syndrome patients

'Chronic Fatigue Syndrome' Severity Linked To Several Proteins Of Inflammation: Shots - Health News: NPR

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There are at least 1 million people in the United States who are suffering from symptoms also called myalgic Encephalomyeliti (ME) and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). About this ME / CFS, there are many people who have symptoms such as chronic sleep deprivation, fever such as influenza, muscle pain, mental fog as if misty, and about a quarter of the patients are in bed He was forced to go to bed at. However, the cause of the symptoms is not well understood, it seems that it often happens that there is a misunderstanding that it is simply tired and depressed from the surroundings.

Dr. José Montoya et al.'s team at Stanford University, with 192 patients with symptoms of ME / CFS and 392 healthy control groups as subjects,Fluorescence-based testingBy measuring the blood concentration of 51 kinds of cytokines by the test of examination, there were only two kinds of concentrations that differed between ME / CFS patients and healthy people.

However, when examined only in patients with ME / CFS, it was found that the concentrations of 17 kinds of cytokines drastically changed so as to draw a gradation according to the severity of the symptoms of ME / CFS. In other words, these 17 types of cytokines may be related to the symptoms of ME / CFS. We also found that 13 of these 17 cytokines are proteins that promote inflammation. Previously in ME / CFS there was a study that chronic inflammation has important meaning, but it has reinforced the certainty of this view.

For the results of the study at Stanford University, Professor Anthony Claire of King's College London said, "Even this paper does not provide evidence that inflammation causes ME / CFS, for example ME / CFS Although possible inflammation may also be caused by possible sleep disorders and depressive conditions, these effects are not excluded in this study, and patients were taking medication treatment to change the cytokine concentration There is a possibility and it is not clear whether this test was done on this point. "It states that it is premature to conclude that ME / CFS is an inflammatory disease.

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