Movie `` Dunkirk '' review, true fight in full siege and chased by `` despair '', and `` sound '' is too great

The conclusion is written first,

“Dunkirk” is worth seeing in IMAX, a movie theater with as large a screen as possible and the best possible sound equipment. This time, I watched the premiere preview with the theater 11 of “109 Cinemas Osaka Expo City” and the only IMAX next-generation laser in Japan . It was unexpected that it was a movie coming.

Below, there is no detailed spoiler of the story at all, but in the first place we lived in the era after the battle of Dunkirk , and if it was a person who studied world history at school, we knew what happened as a result of the battle Should be. Rather, the movie's story or catchphrase clearly states 'the greatest rescue operation ever.' It is “rescue”, not “annihilation”. So, in a big sense, it is not an exaggeration to say that you will watch a movie with spoiled spoilers from the beginning, it is possible from a state where 400,000 British and French soldiers caught up in Dunkirk are completely surrounded Because it ’s that kind of story that makes you escape.

In other words, the following trailer is quite correct. In the case of a trailer full of spoilers that are too much, you may end up taking the first “unknown fun”, but don't worry about Dunkirk. Rather, it is a movie that tastes the “process” from the beginning to the end of spoilers.

Movie 'Dunkirk' main notice [HD] released on Saturday, September 9, 2017-YouTube

However, what is known is a historical framework, in other words, from a “macro” perspective, and not everyone who was actually in Dunkirk was saved. From a “micro” perspective, some people were able to escape safely and others were not. From a historical point of view, “●● all people have survived, ●● all people have died”, but it is not possible to know who actually survives and who will die until “Dunkirk” is seen. “Dunkirk” is thoroughly thorough anyway, “Dunkirk” is “I do not know who will actually die and who will survive”, and it can be summarized in the following four points.

1: Driven into the desperate battlefield, which is nothing but dangerous from the opening siege
2: Causes of despair are “sea” and “sky”, approaching “faceless enemy”
3: Thoroughly squeezed lines, further despair by accumulating “situations”
4: Tetsuo Tetsuo, Despair rushes from one to the next by the effects of sound and music

In the following, I will explain what it means, but before that, it is necessary to understand the situation that is a major premise. You don't need to be familiar with world history, and a nice movie that Professor Osamu Hayashi explains in 3 minutes has been uploaded to YouTube. That means you know Warner too.

Dr. Osamu Hayashi explains! Movie 'Dunkirk' in 3 minutes [HD] released on Saturday, September 9, 2017-YouTube

◆ 1: Driven into the desperate battlefield, which is nothing but dangerous from the siege at the beginning.
The film of director Christopher Nolan, like the beginning of a well-written novel, is often super impressive in the first series of scenes. At first it was about `` Ah, is it siege, it is hard '', but after a few minutes of things, it makes me realize that it is `` siege '' as `` I can not survive anymore '' While the scene rushed like a rage and thought that he finally reached a safe place, “Dunkirk” suddenly spread out in front of him, and “Ah, this may not be enough”.

The first scene is

Flyer saying 'You are besieged, surrender'

Sudden shooting

Somehow survive

Finally join the friendly forces and run to Dunkirk's coast

I have to somehow carry 400,000 soldiers across the sea

The enemy attack is fierce, so you can only lie down on the shore where there is nothing obscure

Unrelenting bombing continues with rain

This makes me feel like I want to close my ears. The painful wound on the back of the hand tells the intensity of the fight until it comes to Dunkirk.

By simply looking around Dunkirk's coast, you can see that this is quite bad, and from here, from the perspective of `` Soldiers trying to escape on Dunkirk's coast '', `` Cross Dover from England `` Ships of ordinary people going to help '', and `` Air Force fighting to intercept German troops bombing from the sky '', after that, centering on these three until the last, replacing and replacing, sometimes even jumping over the time axis, The feeling that you will see this 'Dunkirk' from a viewpoint. Somehow, this `` constituted by changing the three viewpoints '' is a very good place, and by combining different viewpoints, we succeeded in clearly revealing the `` despairing battlefield '' It is.

◆ 2: The cause of despair is “the sea” and “the sky”, the approaching “faceless enemy”

Since the military is an image of 'land, sea, and sky', is it drawn from each of the viewpoints of land, sea, and air that it is based on three viewpoints? Actually, it is as follows.

・ 'Soldiers trying to escape on Dunkirk's coast': The sea, anyway, the sea is dangerous. And you are attacked from the sky.

・ 'Ships of ordinary people who go over Dover from England': The sea seen from the ship is dangerous, and the sky seen from the ship is also dangerous.

・ 'Air force fighting to intercept German troops bombing from the sky': The sea seen from the sky is too dangerous, and a dangerous thing is flying in the sky.

I feel like I'm only saying 'Dangerous', but it's so bad. In particular, the terrifying nature of the “ocean” is strange, and you can feel desperate just by looking at the “ocean” step by step.

It looks like this

How can this scene be made into such a terrifying sea? You should be wondering, but as you can see from the following making, director Christopher Nolan, again, “I'm going to take it live!”

Dunkirk-Weathering the Storm Featurette-YouTube

A director who looks a little like DiCaprio

This is a real Dunkirk. And the stormy sea is not CG but real.

It is also real that is piled up here and there

Taken with all the staff in this ridiculous weather

Total mobilization of cast

Level to stop shooting if normal

But that's why I dare

Then this will be

Even if the equipment is safe even if you are immersed in the sea to your feet, it's all okay

The wind is amazing

The weather is so bad that the breakwater is destroyed. This breakwater was actually restored.

Directly filmed by the director


Not only this, but according to

an interview that actually sent a question to director Christopher Nolan at GIGAZINE, `` Before you actually watch the movie, there are many people who expect that the aerial shooting scene is CG However, if you actually watch a movie, you will be able to recognize a real aerial image and unconsciously recognize it as a real thing.So far, an aerial battle scene called Dog Fight has been reproduced in a movie. However, you should have never seen a real image of a plane that actually flies with a camera on it, and the air battle scene is really real.

And in fact, the “face” of “German soldiers” cannot be seen from the beginning to the end. The appearance of the enemy will not come out. The pressure of the involuntary pressure of “faceless enemies” such as “a lot of flyers to encourage surrender”, “shooting sound”, “bombarding sound”, “bombing sound”, “bomb”, “torpedo”, “bomber” However, all the actual enemies' human appearances are excluded.

There is an enemy at the end of the line of sight, but it is not reflected

For that reason, it is more like a suspense or thriller movie than a war movie, and the closest thing is that sci-fi movie “Alien” that is played with an invisible enemy. In fact, “Aliens” is more like a sci-fi setting thriller than a sci-fi movie, so it ’s more appropriate to call this “Dunkirk” a suspense in a war movie setting. In the

interview with the director, “I thought it was not a battle to make Dunkirk unique by thinking about how to tackle this story and watching a movie depicting human battles. So, suspense, fight against time, so I decided to approach as a suspense, a survival, which was what made Dunkirk different from other war movies, and I felt confident in talking about the suspense, how confident that a person who had never fought in war would make a war movie, and it would be great to let the audience experience what they didn't experience It may be an idea, but I felt comfortable in drawing it as a suspense. '

◆ 3: The lines are thoroughly squeezed, and despair is further increased by accumulating “situations”

“Soldiers trying to escape on the coast of Dunkirk” and “Air Force fighting to intercept the German troops bombing from the sky”, these two viewpoints have very few lines. There is a scene of conversation properly, but the situation of “the situation that can not be spoken” will fall from one to the next, so the tension is not at half level.

Zubuzubuzubu ……

The serif is kept as low as possible, so the serif is not important and vice versa. All lines are important, no extra lines or redundant explanation lines. Rather than explaining it in the video, I feel like a “virtual experience” by throwing the audience into the video. Anyway, by replacing and replacing videos that show a ridiculous situation one after another, it gradually became possible to understand the 'situation' as well, and 'Ah! This scene is the same scene as before It's connected! Oh, oh, Oh, yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah! ' , Only the scenes of “Yayah, Yabayai” are piled up steadily. Probably because the audience's concentration is diverted if the dialogue is told in the direction of the movie, I would like you to strongly feel the overwhelming power of visual beauty by encouraging the concentration by narrowing the dialogue as much as possible. I think that is the intention, but it is too successful.

◆ 4: Tetsuo Tetsuo, Despair rushes from one to the next by the effects of sound and music
There are few lines, and depending on the situation, it should be a “?” Scene, but the reason why you can feel “dangerous” and “despair” is “sound”. Anyway, “sound” is important in the first scene, and after that, “that song” continues to flow as you change your hands and change the goods, making your emotions unstable. If there is a bombing, a heavy bass sound will echo and the song that will reverse the nerve will be `` Hello, the situation will get worse gradually, it will become more and more dangerous, it will not be done anymore, ho He will give you the message “Hora”. Even if you read the word “sad”, it can't be so easy to feel sad, but as you can understand it by listening to the “sad melody”, the song is full of tension. Basically, it is based on `` sounding time '' called `` clicking '', and there are explosion sounds, shooting sounds, heavy bass sounds, etc. It ’s like a sound that keeps hitting something, the sound of the “sea”, or the sound of a bomber engine flying in the sky. Conversely, it can be said that 'acoustics are life', so if the sound is low or weak, it is certain that the force will be halved. It is the same as listening to “Dondocodoon” in the movie “Mad Max” at a small volume. The more explosive sound, the better.

So, as I wrote at the beginning, the best part of “Dunkirk” can be enjoyed with “IMAX”, which should be as large as possible with good image quality and sound.

You can see how much “sound” is important by looking at the following 360-degree movie. It really looks like this.


And for “Songs”, part of the official soundtrack is publicly available on YouTube, and the closest “Dunkirk” movie experience is “Impulse” below. The ticking sound of “ticking” and the strings that create anxiety overlap, creating a strange excitement. As expected, there is nothing more than Hans Zimmer composition.

Dunkirk-Impulse-Hans Zimmer (Official Video)-YouTube

There is also an official playlist , so if you play it on BGM, the tension will increase, so if you play it before the deadline, you should be able to demonstrate the performance of life and death.

Although it is a story of just praising and there is no bad place, in the United States etc. it is released in July and it is 2 weeks consecutive box office revenue and it is highly rated, but for some reason the screening in Japan is on September 9 (Saturday From). This is really the worst. Probably, “The battle of Dunkirk is a minor thing, because Japanese people cannot go to see it, even if it hits overseas, it wo n’t hit in Japan. I think that it is a public schedule that was launched by cold marketing, but it's just a shame because it's a waste.

After that, it ’s a story like “spoofing from the beginning” as I already wrote, so if you do n’t feel “interesting! That's why the series of trailers all faithfully reproduce the atmosphere of the whole movie. In particular, the following 60-second official trailer with no Japanese subtitles will focus on the video and sound, and if you decide whether it is “OK” or “NG”, that is the correct answer.

DUNKIRK-Never Surrender: 60-Special 70mm Engagements on Sale Tomorrow July 5-YouTube

Dunkerque can be purchased from the following. | Dunkirk [Blu-ray] DVD ・ Blu-ray

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