Support for Bluetooth headphone battery remaining indicator display is expected to be carried out on Android

ByAaron Yoo

In some third parties such as Samsung and LG, the software supports the mechanism to know the battery level of the accessory that is connected to Bluetooth, but the possibility that the same function as this will be supported by Android OS in the future It has been pointed out.

Bluetooth Battery Level Indicators are Finally Coming to Android

Android may soon tell you when your headphones need to charge

Up to now, the Android OS standard did not provide the function to inform you about the battery level of headphones connected to Bluetooth and other devices. Manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, OnePlus etc. support this part by our own software, and if it is not the manufacturer's equipment, there are cases where it is noticed that the remaining battery level is empty only when the Bluetooth connection is broken, it is not the case In order to keep up with it, it was a precautionary measure to always charge it without forgetting it.

According to xda developers for developer community site, originally this feature did not exist in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), but Google prepares to prepare an API for acquiring the remaining battery level of the remote device It is said that.

The content of the prospect to be added is "acquisition of remaining battery power", "notice of change in battery remaining amount", and so on, since the value to be returned is "0 to 100", it is possible to display accurate numerical value It is expected.

The situation of the latest Android OS "Android O (Android 8.0)" is on July 25, 2017The final developer preview "DP 4" is releasedWhere it was done, the official version will be made public this summer, and API addition can not be made in time. In xda developers, we anticipate adding on Android 8.1.

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