Some of the pictures of the beautiful universe popular on the Internet are regrettably "fake"

The photograph which cut out the figure of countless stars and the Milky Way floating in the night sky splendidly has the charm to make the eyes of the person who sees it charm but in that it is too beautiful to perfectly transcend the reality There seems to be many "fake" things that I did. The world 's leading economic magazine "Forbes" explains several examples of lie' s space photos seen on the net.

Sorry, Internet, Some Of Your Favorite Space Pictures Are Fakes

An example of a picture taken by Forbes as "fake" is kore. It was named "Sunset at the North Pole" and spread on the net, but in fact it is the work "Hideaway" which the artist Inga Nielsen announced several years ago, I am clarifying that it is a digital synthesized one.

It is a picture of the space shuttle as though it captured the moment when it passed through the clouds at launch, but in actuality the angle of the aircraft and so on are not consistent with the reality. It is a combination of a picture of the space shuttle on the launch pad and a picture of clouds not related at all.

The cloud of rainbow floating on the Himalayas "and other captions as well as photographs spread out on the net, in fact the work" The Ruins "drawn in CG. In other words, despite being originally a creative thing, it was diffused in an atmosphere like "a photograph of a miracle" by someone's strategy.

This long-time exposure photograph is also a reality scene, but it is still fake. In the beginning, things such as purple, green, indigo blue do not exist in the color of the stars floating in the night sky. It seems that it is based on the actual image, but it seems to be a work that has been put in considerable hands later.

Although this spectacle of the aurora floating in the lake looks real, it is a fake. Although the aurora was splendidly reflected on the surface of the water, it seems that he forgot to invert the terrain.

A picture of the big galaxy floating over the pyramid. Although it is a sight that is likely to be in fact, since it does not mean that the galaxy can be seen in such a size in the first place ... ...

Actually, it was made by synthesizing the following two photos.

Besides this, Forbes' article can see fake space photos.

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