"Mantis insect figure" that reproduced mantis and Daikokogoko as if they were real fidelity

World's largest garage kit event "Wonder Festival 2017 [Summer], Characters of works such as cartoons, games, animation, etc. licensed on that day are three-dimensionalized, but real insects have also been reproduced as transcendent real as movable figures.

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At MUSHIBUCHI's booth at Table No. 7-09-02, various movable insect figures were on display. The most prominent thing was "Wolframakiri × 3.0 movable".

It reproduces every corner of a real insect, to the extent that it seems as if a gigantic real mantis is on the desk.

The texture of the face is pretty real

Two sickle seems to be able to capture insects firmly.

The spread feathers seemed to flapping yet.

It is seen from behind. By saying "× 3.0 movable" there are joint pole on the neck, shoulder, elbow, it is possible to pose by moving 3 places.

This is "saw gigwagga × 2.0 movable".

It has become a figure with a dynamic feeling reproducing the sawy whogane spreading feathers and flying away.

The biggest feature "mulberry" looks like this.

Next is "Daikokokogane". It is a figure reproducing the male Daikokogogane with a horn like a beetle.

"Easy goosebee 3.0 movable". If such a big beetle appears, you will want to throw away everything and run away.

It seems that a certain jaw is a moving part.

Looking from behind like this.

Finally "Hebi Tsubo × 2.0 movable".

According to Wikipedia, it seems to be an insect staple of broadleaf tree sap, but you can see that it has a sharp jaw.

In addition, the price is only 6,000 yen for Hebi Tsubo, all others are 8000 yen.

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