FGO "DX Excalibur proto" of "13 th restraint release (seal · Thirteen) round table start (decision · start)" is stereoscopic with real size with surprise gimmick

Fate / Grand OrderArthur · Pendragon [prototype] releases "Seventeen arrested release (Seal · Thirteen) round table start of decision (decision · start)" "Approved.Bedivieres, Gareth, Lancelot, Mode Red, Gallahad" It is a battle to save! "" Arthur "" Sword of promised victory (Excalibur!) "Is an actual thing, it becomes a real thing, and it becomes three-dimensional.

First of all, it is like the following as for example.

【FGO】 Arthur · Pendragon [Prototype] Treasure + EX Attack 【FateGO】 Arthur pendoragn [prototype] Noble Phantasm + EXattack - YouTube

One Fest 2017 [summer]The real thing is exhibited at the Good Smile Company booth as follows.


Part of the handle

Seriously big

Recommended because it looks like a sole when shooting diagonally

Compare the size with the iPhone, you should be able to feel the size of the actual size, full size, 1/1

In addition, since the release timing is undecided · price unknown, it says "Please expect surprising gimmicks!", So "13th restraint release (seal · Thirteen) round table start (decision · start)" is actually possible must.

Anyway, that the following story is indeed reality.

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